Spring 2018

Welcome to MATH 591/493


Topics in Topology and Geometry

  • INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Radmila Sazdanovic
    • OFFICE: SAS Hall 3120
    • EMAIL: rsazdanovic at ncsu tod(inverted) edu
    • OFFICE HOURS: Wed 2:30-3:30 and by appointment

    • LECTURES: TuTh 11:45am-1:00pm
                          636 Poe Hall
    • Additional information available on Moodle.
    • Overview: What is the shape of the universe? How do DNA molecules fit in such a small volume? How can we extract information from high-dimensional data? What are the possible gaits that the robot Rhex can use? Answers to all of these questions hinge on the notion of shape, which is the central notion of the mathematical fields of Geometry and Topology. In order to get the answers we will build a set of mathematical tools and understand ideas from these areas such as curvature, homology, and category theory. We will encounter such objects as braids, simplicial complexes, and knots.

    • To make your learning experience fun, personalized and beneficial, you will be able to choose the topic for your final project and blog about math!

Past courses

  • NC State: MA 241,MA 407H, MA 491, MA 551, MA 693, MA 753, MA 795. MA 893
  • UPenn: MATH 104, 500/460, 560/760,Topics in Knot Theory, and Categorification with applications