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Set up Eclipse with Cplex under Linux

My current research involves designing an exact algorithm to solve POMDP. Most of the exact algorithms for POMDPS need to solve linear programs to prune the linear vector set of value functions. I used Matlab to implement the incrumental pruning algorithm by calling the LP solver . However, it could not enable me to customize the underlying simplex algorithm in the LP solver. Therefore, I switched to the concert technology of CPLEX.

Eclipse is an excellent IDE which I get used to for a few years. Thanks to this post, it didn't take me too long to figure out how to make Eclipse work with CPLEX. If you are using the lastest version CPLEX 12.0, you should set up as follows.

C++ compiler setting


miscellaneous setting

Linker setting

If you are not using CPLEX 12.0 , you should check the Makefile, then set up Eclipse accordingly. In linux, you may check the Makefile as follows:

cd /usr/ilog/cplex/examples/x86-64_sles10_4.1/static_pic

vim Makefile

C++ compiler setting

You can see that the highlighted lines are compatible with the settings in the four pictures above.