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Supplementary Material: Elisabeth Wheeler

The material on this site was used as supplementary material for WPS 202 during the fall semesters of 1998-2002. It was developed by Dr. Elisabeth Wheeler, with the support of Project 25, and help from LTS staff, especially Donna Petherbridge, Veronica Rouse, Lisa Fiedor, and Bradley Aycock, and the Natural Resources Library, when Carolyn Argentati was head. This site is "open" and available for review of basic wood anatomy. However, if you use any of this material, its source needs to be properly acknowledged. If you have found this material useful, or have any suggestions for improvement, please contact Dr. Wheeler. A 2-credit distance ed 500-level version of this course is taught every fall.

Course description: Wood is one of the world's most valuable renewable resources. An understanding of the structure and basic properties of this versatile material is essential for its best utilization. To help you achieve this understanding, the first part of the course discusses the macroscopic features common to all native woods, tree growth, and wood formation. Next is a study of softwood and hardwood anatomy that emphasizes the relationship between structure, function, and material characteristics. Discussion of cell wall properties precedes an introduction to some of wood's physical and mechanical properties. Wood is a variable material and some of the sources and types of variability are presented prior to considering wood quality issues and wood products, as well as the relationships between wood structure and processing. 



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