Achived News and Announcements

  • 07/2006 Xiaosong's proposal to the NSF HECURA program (in collaboration with UIUC and Penn State) has been funded. She is invited to attend and give a presentation at the FSIO workshop in August.
  • 06/2006 PhD student Heshan Lin's work last summer with Los Alamos researchers has contributed to two papers accepted at HPDC and SC respectively. Congratulations, Heshan!
  • 05/2006 Welcome to new PhD student Zhe Zhang! Zhe and PhD student Jiangtian will spend the summer at Oak Ridge National Lab.
  • 01/2006 Xiaosong wins the NSF CAREER Award.
  • 11/2005 The mpiBLAST tool with student Heshan Lin's optimization was used in a StorCloud Challenge Demo at SC|05 (see related LANL news release for details). The optimization will be included in the next official mpiBLAST release!
  • 10/2005 Our application by WICS is selected by CRA-W to be a host school for the CRA-W Distinguished Lecture Series. This program will fund a lecture by a selected distinguished guest, a dinner and panel session, as well as an informal lunch for women in the department.
  • 09/2005 Congratulations to PhD student Heshan Lin and MS student Sarat Sreepathi for being selected as student volunteers at Supercomputing '05.
  • 06/2005 We have two papers accepted at Supercomputing '05. Congratulations to students Tao Yang and Nandan Tammineedi!
  • 06/2005 MS graduate Nandan Tammineedi will start working at Yahoo in August.
  • 06/2005 CSC 548 is approved as a regular course and is open for registration! Please check out course information here.
    Student who are interested in working with me for their PhD research are strongly encouraged to take this course.
  • 04/2005 I am co-organizing the Women in Computer Science Panel, to be held on April 26, 2005, at EGRC 136. You are welcome to attend the panel, and it is not limited to women!
  • 04/2005 Multiple students from our research group will leave for summer internship in May 2005: PhD student Heshan Lin (LANL), PhD student Jiangtian Li (ORNL), and MS student Sarat Sreepathi (Microsoft).
  • 04/2005 PhD student Heshan Lin gave his first conference talk at IPDPS '05, presenting the pioBLAST paper.
  • 03/2005 The FreeLoader project has a new paper accepted by ICAC '05 (The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing, acceptance rate 18%).