Please note that all Arts NOW Series events are intended for mature audiences unless otherwise indicated. Please note that NO PHOTOGRAPHY or recording of any type by anyone including the news media is allowed during the presentations/performances at the Arts NOW Series. 

The Arts NOW Series welcomes the news media coverage of the events. However, we must ensure the ability of the artists to perform without distraction and make sure the audience can enjoy the artistic events without distraction. 

If you are a member of a news organization and you would like to take photographs or make recordings, please contact Dr. Waschka in advance. NOTE: He is typically not available through any medium on the day of the show. 

You will NOT be permitted to take photographs or make recordings DURING THE EVENT. Dr. Waschka will make every effort (with the guest artist's permission) to schedule a time for interviews, photographs, and/or recordings during rehearsals, or after the event.

Please do not show up at an event and expect that Dr. Waschka or the guest artists will accommodate you. You could delay/disrupt the performance or be asked to leave.

No photographic or recording devices permitted at the events. Copyright Arts NOW Series.