Dining Information

Inside the Talley Student Center (where the concerts and rehearsals will take place) at the ground level, there is a sandwich shop, a Taco Bell, a "smoothie" place, and there is also a convenience store on the ground floor. Downstairs, in the basement, is a restaurant called "The Wolves' Den" where one can get a hamburger, or something else fried. 

For "real" food, you will need to make your way to Hillsborough Street.  From the Talley Student Center walk north, go under the railroad tracks, and keep walking North until you hit Hillsborough Street. See this Map.

There you can find many restaurants of various types, ethnicities, and prices. They change surprisingly often. Here are a few highlights.

More expensive, but worth it:

Porter's Tavern calls itself a "Hip American Tavern".  

Frazier's Wine Bar is a narrow place, so look carefully. 

Less expensive:

Mitch's Tavern - a classic college-type hangout, named one of the top 10 college taverns in the country, famous for its use in the movie Bull Durham

Player's Retreat - sports bar with steaks, ribs, chops and less-expensive items such as burgers and sandwiches.

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