Ecology, Evolution, and Dynamics of Savanna-Forest Transitions

savanna-forest ecotone

One of the greatest challenges in tropical plant ecology is the need to understand and predict how the extent of tropical forest will respond to changes in climate, fire regimes, and anthropogenic disturbance. Natural savanna-forest boundaries mark the natural limit to the distribution of tropical forest, and are therefore an ideal system for understanding the processes that control the distribution of these biomes. With our collaborators in Brazil, we are studying the effects of fire, resource availability and plant species traits on the dynamics and distribution of savanna and forest in the Cerrado of Brazil 



Vegetation-Fire Feedbacks

Positive feedbacks between vegetation and fire play a key role in the dynamics of savanna-forest boundaries. We are particularly interested in understanding how plant traits and climate mediate the intensity of this feedback.

Comparative studies of savanna and forest woody plants

We have been using comparative approaches to understand the origin and ecology of savanna trees and shrubs. We are particularly interested in understanding how natural selection has shaped their morphology, physiology, and ecology in ways that define the unique properties of savanna ecosystems.

Savanna tree species

Miconia pohliana
, a savanna tree species                       
          Miconia cuspidata, a forest tree species

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