Conservation Ecology and Biogeography of Longleaf Pine Ecosystems

We currently have a collaborative project with Tom Wentworth, Jenny Xiang, Matt Hohmann (ERDC-CERL), and Janet Gray (Ft. Bragg) to study population dynamics, community ecology, and conservation genetics of several rare species of Ft. Bragg, in the Sandhills region of North Carolina.



Wall, W.A., Douglas, N.A., Xiang, Q.Y., Hoffmann, W.A., Wentworth, T.R., & Hohmann, M.G. (2010) Evidence for range stasis during the latter Pleistocene for the Atlantic Coastal Plain endemic genus, Pyxidanthera Michaux. Molecular Ecology, 19, 4302-4314.

Marchin, R.M., Bhandari, R.K., Wall, W.A., Hohmann, M.G., Gray, J.B., & Hoffmann, W.A. (2009) Are rare species less shade tolerant than common species in fire-prone environments? A test with seven Amorpha (Fabaceae) species. Plant Ecology, 205, 249-260.


Sandhills pixie-moss

Pyxidanthera brevifolia

(photo by Wade Wall)



Georgia indigo-bush

Amorpha georgiana var georgiana

(photo by Renee Marchin)


Sandhills lily

Lilium pyrophilum

(photo by Wade Wall)

Copy of astragalus

Michaux’s milkvetch

Astragalus michauxii

(photo by Wade Wall)