MA (ST) 413 Short-Term Actuarial Models
Summer II, 2017          MTWHF 8:00am-9:30am              PS 215

1. Instructor:             Tao Pang                     Office:             SAS Hall 4116
    Telephone:             513-2110                      Email:    
   Office hours:          Tuesday 4-5pm, or by appointment.
2. Prerequisites:
MA 421 or equivalent is preferred but not required. However, the student should be familiar with basic probability concepts and distributions. Knowledge of long-term models as developed in MA 412—Long-Term Actuarial Models is not assumed.
3. Textbooks:

4. Course Objectives:
This course introduces students to risk management systems by developing some short-term probability models for potential losses. Short-term probability models are appropriate for most traditional property, liability, health and group insurance systems. 
5. Outline of Course:
            Characterizing frequency distributions and loss distributions: Characterize distributions in terms of their parameters and moments; techniques for creating new families of distributions; applications for which these distributions are used.
            Frequency and severity with coverage modifications: Deductible, policy limits and coinsurances and their impacts on loss and frequency distributions.
            Aggregate loss models: Probability distribution of an aggregate loss modeled as the sum of a random number of individual losses; compound distributions and their properties; tabulating a distribution by exact and approximate methods; applications; individual risk models.
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9. Attendance Policy:
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10. Disability Services for Students:
Students with a disability must contact the NCSU Disability Services.
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