MA 242-002 Calculus III
Summer II, 2017           MTWHF 10:20am-12:30pm             RD 461

1.  Instructor:             Tao Pang                     Office:             SAS Hall 4116
     Telephone:             513-2110                      Email:    
     Office hours:          Tu. 4:00pm-5:00pm or by appointment


2. Prerequisites: MA 241 with a grade of C- or better.


3. Contents: This is the third of three semesters in a calculus sequence for science and engineering majors. Vectors, vector algebra, vector functions, functions of several variables, partial derivatives, gradients, directional derivatives, maxima and minima, multiple integration, line and surface integrals, Green's Theorem, Divergence Theorem, Stokes' Theorem, and numerous applications will be covered. The Maple software program will be used to further illuminate these topics.


4. Textbook: "Calculus for Engineers and Scientists ", 1st Edition, by J. Franke,

J. Griggs, and L. Norris.  Available at WebAssign.


5. Grade Policy:  +/- grading systems will be used in this course.

·       WebAssign Homework: 10% (See below for details)

·       Maple Homework: 10% (See below for details)

·       Tests: 80% (See below for details)


6. WebAssign Homework Assignments:

·      Students are required to do WebAssign homework, and that work is counted for 10% of the total grade. Students must register with WebAssign and pay the fees for homework grading and the textbook.


7. Maple Homework Assignments:  

·      There are 6 scheduled Maple Homework assignments distributed throughout the summer session, and this homework should count about 10% of the total grade.  The "Start" and "Due dates" are listed below on the day-by-day schedule.  The "start" dates have been adjusted so that the Maple Homework materials correspond to the lecture materials.

·      Maple tutors are available each week in the Multi Media Center in 2103/2105 SAS Hall.  Please see the schedule for hours of operation at the URL .

·      It is the responsibility of each student to (1) download the Maple Lessons from the web, (2) study the Lessons, and (3) complete the Maple Homework assignments on time.

·      All materials related to the Maple program can be found at the URL

·      Students with no previous Maple experience:  Such students in MA 242 need to follow the instructions in the "Introductory Materials".  These instructions are posted on the calculus with Maple homepage listed above.

·      Extensions on Maple Homework: Short extensions on Maple homework can only be given for appropriate situations. 

8. Tests:   There are 5 scheduled tests during the semester.  The test dates cannot be changed. All tests will account for 80% toward your final grade.

·       There will be four in-class tests of 2 hour and 10 minutes each to be given on July 3 (Mo), July 11 (Tu), July 18 (Tu) and July 26 (We). The fifth in-class test is one hour long and will be given on July 28 (Fr) in class.

·       The highest four test scores of the five test scores will be accounted 20% each toward the final grade, and the lowest score will be dropped. If you miss one test, the score will be 0.

·       No make-up exam will be given. 

·       No final exam.

9. Attendance Policy:
The attendance policy is consistent with the Academic Regulations which can be found at

10. Disability Services for Students:
Students with a disability must contact the NCSU Disability Services.
Additional information:



Syllabus with Day-to-day Schedule for MA 242-002 Calculus III