Population Estimates using a mark-recapture or removal method include: abundance, mean weight, and biomass by age class.

 Production Estimates using the instantaneous growth rate or the increment summation method include: abundance, biomass, growth, mortality, production, and P/B ratio by year class and sampling interval.

 Variance included for all parameters.

 Uses accepted statistical methods.

 No additional software required.

 Available for PC or Macintosh.

Pop/Pro Modular Statistical Software  includes eight portable modules that estimate population size and associated variances from standard fisheries field data using mark-recapture or removal methods; secondary production and variances are then calculated from a series of population estimates using the instantaneous rate of growth or increment summation methods. Software is available for PC (DOS) or Macintosh microcomputers and is distributed at no cost to the user.

Over 600 copies have been requested and distributed to biologists in 52 countries.

For a more detailed description of Pop/Pro software refer to

Kwak, T.J. 1992. Modular microcomputer software to estimate fish population parameters, production rates and associated variance. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 1:73-75.

NOTICE: Pop/Pro is Freeware. It is made available by the author at no cost to the user; however, it is illegal for any individual or group (other than the author) to profit from its distribution or uses.

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