"Adequate Science Fiction"

Attendees & Stories Critiqued 


January 1985, Raleigh, at the home of Mark L. Van Name

Greg Frost . Scott Sanders . Tim Sullivan (down low) . Mark Van Name . John Kessel . Steve Carper.

Gregg Keizer . Allen Wold . Orson Scott Card . Jim Kelly


Steve Carper,

Orson Scott Card, "The Fringe" and "Salvage"

Gregory Frost, "Oobidis"

Gregg Keizer, "Bang Bang Bantu"

James Patrick Kelly, "Solstice" and "Rat"

John Kessel, first three chapters of CONFIDENCE (later titled GOOD NEWS FROM OUTER SPACE)

Scott Russell Sanders, "Ascension"

Tim Sullivan, "Stop Motion"

Mark L. Van Name,

Allen Wold, "A Long Time Since Lunch"


August 1986, Raleigh, at the Governor Morehead School for the Blind

Orson Scott Card . Allen Wold

Rebecca Ore . Jack Massa . Connie Willis

Shariann Lewitt . Susan Palwick . Jim Kelly

Mark Van Name . Nancy Kress

Carol Emshwiller . Karen Fowler . Bruce Sterling . Gregg Keizer

John Kessel


Orson Scott Card, "Runaway"

Carol Emshwiller, "The Circular Library of Stones"?

Karen Joy Fowler, "Tonto at Forty" (published as "The Faithful Companion at Forty")  

James Patrick Kelly, "Daemon"

John Kessel, "Judgment Call"

Nancy Kress, "Cannibals"

Shariann Lewitt,

Mark L. Van Name,

Jack Massa,

Rebecca Ore,

Susan Palwick,

Bruce Sterling, "Flowers of Edo"?

Connie Willis, "Substitution Trick"

Allen Wold,

August 1987, Raleigh, Governor Morehead School for the Blind

Michael Bishop, chapters from UNICORN MOUNTAIN

Michael Blumlein

Orson Scott Card, "Pageant Wagon "

Bradley Denton, "The Sin Eater of the Kaw"

Carol Emshwiller, "Glory, Glory"

Karen Joy Fowler, "Lily Red"

Gregory Frost, "Divertimento"

James Patrick Kelly, "Standing in Line with Mister Jimmy "

John Kessel, "Mrs Shummel Exits a Winner"

Nancy Kress, "In Memoriam"

Jack Massa, "Prayerware"

Jack McDevitt, "The Fort Moxie Branch"

Pat Murphy, "Dead Men on TV"

Lewis Shiner, "Stoked"

Mark L. Van Name, "Burning Up"


August 1988, Raleigh, Governor Morehead School for the Blind

Richard Kadrey . Greg Frost . Scott Card . Jack Massa . Bruce McAlliser

James Morrow . Jim Kelly . Karen Fowler . Mark Van Name . Richard Paul Russo . Lisa Goldstein

John Kessel . Jack McDevitt . Bruce Sterling . Pat Murphy

Nancy Kress. Carol Emshwiller


Orson Scott Card, "Lost Boys"

Carol Emshwiller,

Karen Joy Fowler, chapters 1 & 2 from SARAH CANARY

Gregory Frost.

Lisa Goldstein

Richard Kadrey,

James Patrick Kelly, "Dancing with the Chairs"

John Kessel, "Buddha Nostril Bird"

Nancy Kress, "The Price of Oranges"

Jack Massa

Bruce McAllister

Jack McDevitt, "Leap of Faith"

Pat Murphy

James Morrow, chapters from ONLY BEGOTTEN DAUGHTER

Richard Paul Russo, "Night Passage"

Bruce Sterling, "Crack Shot" (published, with John Kessel, as "The Moral Bullet")

Mark L. Van Name, "Desert Rain" ?? (with Pat Murphy)


August 1989, Raleigh, Governor Morehead School for the Blind

Bob Frazier . Pat Murphy . Harlan Ellison . Nancy Kress . Lisa Goldstein . Richard Paul Russo

Karen Fowler . Jack Massa . Mark Van Name . Jack McDevitt

Martha Soukup . Carol Emshwiller . Bruce Sterling . Connie Willis

John Kessel . Jim Kelly . Michaela Roessner


Harlan Ellison, [vampire story]

Carol Emshwiller, "Venus Rising" ?

Karen Joy Fowler, "Lieserl"

Robert Frazier,

Lisa Goldstein

James Patrick Kelly, "Mr. Boy"

John Kessel, "Invaders"

Nancy Kress, "The Mountain to Mohammed"??

Jack Massa

Jack McDevitt, "Time's Arrow" ? "Auld Lang Boom"?

Pat Murphy, "Traveling West"

Michaela Roessner

Richard Paul Russo, "Just Drive, She Said"

Martha Soukup, "The Arbitrary Placement of Walls"

Bruce Sterling, first section of THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE ??

Mark L. Van Name, "TV Time"

Connie Willis, "Jack"


August 1992, Raleigh, Governor Morehead School for the Blind

Richard Butner, "Jank"

Wendy Council,

Carol Emshwiller, "Mrs. Jones"? "After Shock"?

Karen Joy Fowler, "Go Back"

Robert Frazier,

Lisa Goldstein, "Split Light" ?

James Patrick Kelly, "Chemistry"

John Kessel, "The Franchise"

Nancy Kress, "Martin on a Wednesday"

Jonathan Lethem, "Forever, Said the Duck"

Jack McDevitt, "Auld Lang Boom"

James Morrow, chapters from TOWING JEHOVAH

Bruce Sterling, "Deep Eddy"

Mark L. Van Name

Connie Willis, "Death on the Nile"


August 1994, Raleigh, at North Hall, NCSU campus

Richard Butner. Mark Van Name. and John Kessel pursue the arts.


Richard Butner, "Horses Blow Up Dog City"

Carol Emshwiller, chapters from LEDOYT

Karen Joy Fowler, "The Marianas Islands"

Robert Frazier, "Body and Soul"

Gregory Frost, "That Blissful Height"

James Patrick Kelly, "The First Law of Thermodynamics"

John Kessel, "The Miracle of Ivar Avenue "

Nancy Kress, "Sex Education"

Alexander Jablokov, "The Fury at Colonus"

Jonathan Lethem, "The Hardened Criminals "

Maureen McHugh, "Homesick"

Michaela Roessner, "The Escape Artist"

Bruce Sterling, "Bicycle Repairman"

Mark L. Van Name, "Missing Connections"

[All the stories from the 1994 Sycamore Hill were published in the original anthology INTERSECTIONS, edited by John Kessel, Mark L. Van Name and Richard Butner, TOR Books, 1996]


August 1995, Raleigh, at North Hall, NCSU campus

Charles Sheffield & Nancy Kress . Bruce critiques a book .


Richard Butner, "Jim Jim Morrison Morrison "

Carol Emshwiller,

Karen Joy Fowler, "The Elizabeth Complex"

Robert Frazier,

Kathleen Ann Goonan

Alexander Jablokov, "Doing the Circuit"?

James Patrick Kelly, "Breakaway, Backdown"

John Kessel, chapters 1 & 3, Part II of CORRUPTING DR. NICE

Nancy Kress, "Steadfast"

Jonathan Lethem, "How We Got in Town and Out Again"

Jack McDevitt, "Cruising Through Deuteronomy"

Maureen McHugh, "The Cost to be Wise"

Paul Park, "The Last Homosexual"

Carter Scholz,

Charles Sheffield,

Bruce Sterling, "The Littlest Jackal"

Don Webb,


August 1997, at the Pew House, Bryn Mawr College, PA

Michaela Roessner . Eliot Fintushel

Nick Di Chario . Rick Wilber . Richard . Jonathan Lethem . Judith Berman . Kelly Link . Delia Sherman

Andy Duncan . Jim Kelly . John . Greg Frost . Bob Frazier . Maureen McHugh .


Judith Berman, "Dream of Rain"

Richard Butner, "Banal Probe "

Nick Di Chario, "Undone"

Andy Duncan, "Fortitude"

Eliot Fintushel, "White Man's Trick"

Robert Frazier, "Dead Run"

Gregory Frost, "The Library of Shadowbridge"

James Patrick Kelly, "Lovestory"

John Kessel, "Every Angel is Terrifying"

Jonathan Lethem, "Access Fantasy"

Kelly Link, "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose"

Maureen McHugh, "Eight Legged Story"

Michaela Roessner, "Del Norte"

Delia Sherman, "Lachrymae Antiquae"

Rick Wilber, "Seven Sisters"


August 1999, at the Pew House, Bryn Mawr College, PA

Richard . John . Greg Frost . Bob Frazier . Bruce Sterling . Kelly Link . Andy Duncan . Carol Emshwiller

Judith Berman . Maureen McHugh . Jim Kelly . Jonathan Lethem . Karen Fowler . Alex Jablokow


Catherine Asaro, "Daughter's Heart"

Judith Berman, "After Independence"

Richard Butner, "Ash City Stomp"

Andy Duncan, "The Pottawotamie Giant"

Carol Emshwiller, "The Mount's Story"

Karen Joy Fowler, "The Further Adventures of the Invisible Man"

Robert Frazier, "The Tale Within"

Gregory Frost, "Madonna of the Maquiladora"

Alexander Jablokow, "Memory Colors"

James Patrick Kelly, "Feel the Zaz"

John Kessel, "The Juniper Tree"

Jonathan Lethem, "This Shape We're In"

Kelly Link, "Fugue for Shoe and Marriage"

Maureen McHugh, "Grace"

Bruce Sterling, "User-centric"


August 2001, at the Pew House, Bryn Mawr College, PA

Back Row: Jonathan Lethem . John . Molly Gloss . Jim Kelly . Judith Berman . Greg Frost . Walter Jon Williams . Candas Jane Dorsey

Middle Row: Karen Joy Fowler . Robert Frazier . Carol Emshwiller . Nalo Hopkinson . Andy Duncan

Front Row: Ted Chiang . Kelly Link . Richard Butner . Bruce Sterling


Judith Berman, "A Food Story"

Richard Butner, "Big Hole" (published as"The Rules of Gambling")

Ted Chiang, "Liking What You See"

Candas Jane Dorsey, "Everything Good and Pure On Which the God Lives"

Andy Duncan, "The Marx Sisters"

Carol Emshwiller, "Coo People"

Karen Joy Fowler, "What I Didn't See"

Robert Frazier, "Black Box Rapture"

Gregory Frost, excerpt from FITCHER'S BRIDES

Molly Gloss, "Lambing Season"

Nalo Hopkinson, excerpt from GRIFFONE (published as SALT ROADS)

James Patrick Kelly, "Hubris"

John Kessel, "Stories for Men"

Jonathan Lethem, "The Dystopianist, Thinking Of His Rival, Is Interrupted By A Knock On The Door"

Kelly Link, "Lull"

Bruce Sterling, "Energy Flash"

Walter Jon Williams, "Broadway Johnny" [movie script]


June 2003, Little Switzerland, NC, at the Wildacres Retreat Center

Jonathan Lethem . Jeff Ford . Alex Irvine . Andy Duncan . Richard . Dale Bailey

Kelly Link . Maureen McHugh . Jim Kelly . Karen Fowler . John . Timmy Duchamp . Eileen Gunn

Christopher Rowe


Dale Bailey, "The End of the World"

Richard Butner, "House of the Future"

L. Timel Duchamp, "Tears of Niobe"

Andy Duncan, "Zora and the Zombie"

Jeffrey Ford, "Coffins on the River"

Karen Joy Fowler, "The Last Worders"

Eileen Gunn, "Phantom Effects"

Alexander Irvine, "Volunteers"

James Patrick Kelly, "Men are Trouble"

John Kessel, "It's All True"

Jonathan Lethem, "Super Goat Man"

Kelly Link, "Stone Animals"

Maureen McHugh, "Digital Angels"

Christopher Rowe, "Soma" (published as "The Voluntary State")


June 2005, Little Switzerland, NC, at the Wildacres Retreat Center

Ted Chiang . Ben Rosenbaum . Mary Rickert . Chris Rowe

Kelly Link . Maureen McHugh . Dora Goss . Timmy Duchamp

Brett Cox . Jim Kelly . John . Richard


Richard Butner, "In the Palace, with the Sword"

Ted Chiang, "The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate"

F. Brett Cox, "Mary of the New Dispensation"

L. Timel Duchamp, "The World and Alice"

Theodora Goss, "Lessons With Miss Gray"

James Patrick Kelly, "The Leila Torn Show"

John Kessel, "Erno in Exile" (published as "Sunlight or Rock")

Kelly Link, "Origin Story"

Maureen McHugh, "Special Economics"

M. Rickert, "You Have Never Been Here"

Benjamin Rosenbaum, "Senseless and Insensitive"

Christopher Rowe, "Gather"


June 2006, Little Switzerland, NC, at the Wildacres Retreat Center

Richard . Kelly Link . Molly Gloss . Karen Fowler . Jim Kelly

John . Vandana Singh . Ysabeau Wilce . Greg Frost . Ted Chiang


Richard Butner, "Through the Uprights"

Ted Chiang, "Love Like Life"

Karen Joy Fowler, "The Last of the Immortals" (aka "Always")

Gregory Frost, "Lucyna's Gaze"

Molly Gloss, "The Visited Man"

James Patrick Kelly, "Divide the Sustain"

John Kessel, "Austenstein" (aka "Pride and Prometheus")

Kelly Link, "Light"

Vandana Singh, "Infinities"

Ysabeau Wilce, "The Unkindest Cut"


A complete list of everyone to have attended Sycamore Hill 1985-2006

Catherine Asaro, Dale Bailey, Judith Berman, Michael Bishop, Michael Blumlein, Richard Butner, Orson Scott Card, Steve Carper, Wendy Counsil, Bradley Denton, Nick Di Chario, Ted Chiang, F. Brett Cox, Candace Jane Dorsey, L. Timel Duchamp, Andy Duncan, Harlan Ellison, Carol Emshwiller, Eliot Fintushel, Jeffrey Ford, Karen Joy Fowler, Robert Frazier, Gregory Frost, Molly Gloss, Lisa Goldstein, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Theodora Goss, Eileen Gunn, Nalo Hopkinson, Alexander Irvine, Alexander Jablokov, Richard Kadrey, Gregg Keizer, James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, Nancy Kress, Jonathan Lethem, Sharianne Lewitt, Kelly Link, Jack Massa, Bruce McAllister, Jack McDevitt, Maureen McHugh, James Morrow, Pat Murphy, Rebecca Ore, Susan Palwick, Paul Park, M. Rickert, Michaela Roessner, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Christopher Rowe, Richard Paul Russo, Scott Russell Sanders, Carter Scholz, Charles Sheffield, Delia Sherman, Lewis Shiner, Vandana Singh, Martha Soukup, Bruce Sterling, Timothy Sullivan, Mark Van Name, Don Webb, Rick Wilber, Ysabeau Wilce, Walter Jon Williams, Connie Willis, Allen Wold.