Photos from Sycamore Hill 2006


Evening settles in Little Switzerland.




In the Blue Ridge Mountains . . .

. . . the nights are full of spirits."


Kelly Link expresses an opinion.

Jim Kelly checks his investments.

Call the hall monitor!

Ysabeau Wilce dreams of another, better world.

Well, I'm done for the week.

This expression scares Kessel's students, but doesn't work here.


Jim Kelly leaps into the future.

Molly is amused

A critical confrontation

From the Wildacres blimp.



Who is missing?

Richard thinks, "Did I leave the water running?"

The Mother Ship descends.

Molly Gloss and Vandana Singh are skeptical.

This expression scares me no matter where I am.

Frost, Singh, Link, Kessel and Fowler take a hike.

"No thanks, but Molly will drink it."


Kelly and Kelly await lunch.

Don't jump!

The physicist at work.

Out on the town



Last Updated: February 2, 2008