Another Orphan

First book edition:
Tor Double Books, March 1989, 68 pp., $2.95, mass market paperback
ISBN 0-812-55963-0

From the jacket copy...

Another Orphan, the winner of the 1982 Nebula Award for best novella, takes us on a journey of literary proportions. Patrick Fallon is an ordinary guy. He's a commodities broker for the Chicago Board of Trade and is making a very good life for himself. He finally has a steady job and a steady girl, a beautiful swimmer named Carol Bukaty. Everything in his life is finally going according to plan. Until one morning.

Fallon wakes up to find himself lying in a hammock, swinging lightly from side to side, and smelling the pungent aroma that he would later discover to be whale oil. He gets up and discovers he is on a small whaling ship, whose crew seems to know him by name. After a day of total confusion about where he is and how he has even gotten there, he lays eyes upon the captain of this tiny vessel; a man named Ahab. Before he can even fully realize what has happened to him, the adventure begins to seek out and destroy the legedary source of Ahab's vengeance; the white whale, Moby Dick.

Is Fallon really on the Melville-created Pequod, destined for death at the hands of Moby Dick? Or is this all a dream concocted by his stressed-out mind? Trapped in a book where everyone dies on the last page, Fallon has no definite answers, nor is he sure he will get them before the Pequod is ripped asunder by Moby Dick's onslaught.

This story is in a back-to-back Tor double book along with Barry B. Longyear's Enemy Mine and an excerpt from Gwyneth Jones's Divine Endurance.

Another Orphan is copyright © 1982 by John Kessel.