Freedom Beach

First edition:
Bluejay Books, September 1985, 259 pp., $15.95, hardcover
ISBN 0-312-94167-6

Second edition:
Bluejay Books, September 1985, 259 pp., $8.95, trade paperback
ISBN 0-312-94168-4

Third edition:
Tor Books, December 1986, 259 pp., $2.95, mass market paperback
ISBN 0-812-54300-9

From the jacket copy...

It was real...It was a dream.

Freedom Beach was a tropical paradise of games, drugs and decadence...Freedom Beach was a surreal gulag ruthlessly guarded by sinister living statues.

The guests included Faust, the Marx Brothers, Aristophanes, Raymond Chandler and the Brontes...The prisoners were all strangers from Shaun Reed's past.

Shaun was a deluded amnesiac who had been voluntarily committed...Shaun was a brainwashed dissident genius being tortured by the Dreamers.

The Dreamers were benevolent aliens who wanted to heal...The Dreamers were evil conquerors and would destroy anyone who learned the truth...Lies...Truth...Lies...Truth of the dream...

Or the lies of Freedom Beach.

Freedom Beach is copyright © 1985 by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel.