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"The Baum Plan for Financial Independence"

Ex-con Sid and his sometime girlfriend Dot break into a house in the Blue Ridge Mountains and open a door to a world that changes everything.

The Baum Plan for Financial Independence (33:03)

First published in SciFiction, copyright © 2004


Miss Mary Bennet, the bookish younger sister of Elizabeth Darcy, meets a mysterous and handsome scientist from the continent come to Regency England on a matter of life and death.

Pride and Prometheus, Part 1 (1:02.25)

Pride and Prometheus, Part 2 (27:52)

First publsihed in Fantasy and Science Fiction, copyright © 2008


Railroad is a murderer and a man haunted by God. What happens in the aftermath of his latest crime, when the pet cat of his last victims offers him a chance ot change his life? (With apologies to Flannery O'Connor).

Read by Gregory Frost, author of Shadowbridge.

Every Angel is Terrifying (39:05)

First published in Fantasy and Science Fiction, copyright © 1998



A psychiatrist deals with a patient who seems to have lost hismemory of the last twenty-four years. Or has he?

Available from at: A Clean Escape

First published in Asimov's Science Fiction, copyright © 1985



A time traveling talent scout from the future visits 1962 in search of his next recruit. But is she ready to come?

Available from at:  Some Like it Cold

First published in Omni, copyright © 1994



The UK Website StarShipSofa has produced a reading of my 1992 Sturgeon and Locus Award-winning story "Buffalo", read by James Campanella. The story is available for free download at the StarShipSofa site.

First published in Fires of the Past, ed. Anne Jordan, copyright © 1991