In 1998 the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction asked me to suggest casts for movies of various classic sf novels and stories.   I've had second thoughts about some of these choices, and some of these actors are aging out of the roles, but there's always room for Kevin Bacon.


by John Kessel


The Stars My Destination, by Alfred Bester

Gully Foyle/Geoffrey Fourmyle--Mel Gibson (Michael Madsen)

Jizbella McQueen--Geena Davis

Robin Wednesbury--Jada Pinkett

Presteign of Presteign--Anthony Hopkins

Olivia Presteign--Kate Winslet

Peter Y'ang-Yeovil--Alec Baldwin

Saul Dagenham--Harvey Keitel

Regis Sheffield--Jeremy Irons

Rog Kempsey--Kevin Bacon

The Man in the High Castle, by Philip K. Dick
Frank Frink--Ralph Fiennes

Ed McCarthy--Kevin Bacon

Robert Childan--Kevin Spacey

Mr. Baynes/Rudolf Wegener--William Hurt

Nobusuke Tagomi--John Lone

Paul Kasoura--Winston Chao

General Tedeki--Sihung Lung

Alex Lotze--Tim Roth

Juliana Frink--Uma Thurman

Joe Cinnadella--Andy Garcia

Wyndham-Matson--Gene Hackman

Hugo Reiss--Michael Caine

Kreuz vom Meere--Bob Hoskins

Hawthorne Abendsen--Martin Sheen


The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula K. Le Guin

Genli Ai--Laurence Fishburne

Therem Harth rem ir Estraven--Daniel Day-Lewis

King Argaven--Sigourney Weaver

Tibe--Meryl Streep

Obsle--Kathy Bates

Faxe the Weaver--Jaye Davidson

The Pervert--Kevin Bacon


The Book of the New Sun, by Gene Wolfe

Severian--Leonardo Di Caprio (Johnny Depp)

Thecla--Helena Bonham Carter

Thea--Joanna Going

Vodalus--Andre Braugher

Master Gurloes--John Hurt

Master Palemon--Morgan Freeman

Dorcas--Gabrielle Anwar

Agia--Nicole Kidman

Agilus--Kevin Bacon

Jolenta--Julia Ormond

Dr. Talos--Gary Oldman

Baldanders--Arnold Schwartzenegger

Hildegrin--Pete Postlethwaite

Hethor--John Malkovich

The Autarch--Kenneth Branagh

Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robsinson
Frank Chalmers--Denzell Washington

Maya Toitovna--Michelle Pfeiffer

John Boone--Kevin Costner

Michel Duval--Daniel Auteuil

Sax Russell--John Turturro

Phyllis Boyle--Holly Hunter

Arkady Bogdanov--Gabriel Byrne

Nadia Cherneshevsky--Susan Sarandon

Hiroko Ai--Gong Li

Ann Clayborn--Angela Bassett

The Stowaway--Kevin Bacon

A Canticle for Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller
Brother Francis--Tim Robbins

Abbot Arkos--Ian Holm

The Wandering Jew--F. Murray Abraham

Abbot Dom Paolo--James Earl Jones

Thon Taddeo--Samuel Jackson

The Poet--Jeff Goldblum

Brother w/electric light--Kevin Bacon

Abbot Zerchi--Albert Finney

Doctor Cors--Richard Gere

Sick mother--Rosie Perez

Mrs. Grales/Rachel--Anne Bancroft/Julie Delpy


"All You Zombies", by Robert Heinlein

The Unmarried Mother--Christian Slater

Bartender--Jack Nicholson

Jane--Liv Tyler

Man playing jukebox--Kevin Bacon

Sarah Canary, by Karen Joy Fowler

Chin Ah Kin--Jason Scott Lee

Adelaide--Debra Winger

Sarah Canary--Anjelica Huston

B.J.--Tom Hulce

Harold--Bill Pullman

Purdy--Kevin Bacon

More than Human, by Theodore Sturgeon
Lone--Willem Dafoe

Mr. Kew--David Warner

Alicia Kew (young)--Anna Paquin

                    (adult)--Jodie Foster

Evelyn Kew--Jena Malone

Prodd--John Voigt

Janie--Bridget Fonda

Gerry Thompson--Johnny Depp (Edward Norton)

Dr. Stern--Kevin Kline

Hip Barrows--Kevin Bacon


Think Like a Dinosaur, by James Patrick Kelly

Kamala Shastri--Sarita Choudhury

Michael Burr--Ewan McGregor

Voice of Silloin--James Earl Jones

Voice of Linna--Ben Kingsley

Voice of Parikkal--Kevin Bacon


Gun, With Occasional Music, by Jonathan Lethem

Conrad Metcalf--Nicholas Cage

Celeste Stanhunt--Juliette Binoche

Orton Angwine--Joaquin Phoenix

Pansy Greenleaf--Emily Watson

Grover Testafer--David Paymer

Inquisitor Kornfeld--Kevin Bacon

Inquisitor Morgenlander--Bruce Willis

Catherine Teleprompter--Jennifer Jason Leigh

Walter Surface--Joe Pesci

Danny Phoneblum--Marlon Brando

Joey Castle--Ray Liotta


Finally, with apologies . . .

Corrupting Dr. Nice, by John Kessel

Owen Vannice--John Cusack

Genevieve Faison--Gwyneth Paltrow

August Faison--Gerard Depardieu

Simon--Giancarlo Esposito

Rosethrush Vannice--Angelica Huston

Ralph Vannice--John Goodman

Lance Thrillkiller--James Woods

Detlev Gruber--Alec Baldwin

Parker--Kevin Bacon

Jeshua--Robert De Niro

Wilma--Industrial Light and Magic

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