About Me

I currently have three roles within the Computer Science Department: Lecturer, Undergraduate Lab Coordinator, and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising.

As part of my lecture duties, I typically teach CSC 200 and E 115.

As part of my Lab Coordinator duties, I oversee the following labs:

  • CSC 111: Introduction to Programming: Python
  • CSC 113: Introduction to Programming: Matlab
  • CSC 116: Introduction to Programming: Java
  • CSC 200: Introduction to Computers and their Uses
  • E 115: Introduction to NC State Computing Environments
I also hire, train, and mentor the Undergraduate lab instructors, graders, and teaching assistants for each course and help create course material where needed.

As part of my Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising duties, I assist students with enrollment in CSC courses, advise them in regard to class schedule and campus resources, and attend meetings to stay abreast of University Policy.

I am a two-time graduate of NC State University:

  • Science, Technology & Society (2009, BS)
  • Counselor Education: College Counseling and Student Development (2016, M.Ed)