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This is the home page for the spring 2009 offering of PA 598, the special topics course on the Public Policy Process. Please check back often for additions to this site.

Syllabus [PDF]

Grading criteria

Problem Statements

Sample Memo

This consists of a rewritten problem statement, factual memo, and research strategy memo. I have commented on it to show the memos' strong points and the opportunities for improvement.

Sample Op-Ed piece

Another Sample Op-Ed

Interest Group Memo sample

Policy Alternatives sample

Powerpoint Slides set 1

Powerpoint Slides set 2

Powerpoint Slides set 3 (Agenda Setting, Groups and Power)

Powerpoint Slides set 4 (Media)

Powerpoint Slides set 5 (Institutional Agenda Setting)

Assignment for institutional agenda setting memo.

Powerpoint Slides set 6 (Policy failure, learning, ideas)

Sketch of policy alternatives memo

Powerpoint Slides set 7 (Policy implementation)

Portfolio Cover Sheet (table of contents)

Remember to provide the proper information in the spaces indicated.This file is in Word (.doc) for your convenience. Just download and edit as needed.

Final Exam Essay Question

Please note that this is due on April 30 no later than midnight. Please also note that while I can answer questions about the exam and my expectations, I will not read over preliminary drafts of the final exam.



Mid-semester feedback form

Draft chapter on finding information on interest groups