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This page contains relevant information for this course. Visit often for updates.

Syllabus (Revised March 23, 2010, to reflect scheduling changes)

Lectures and Slides

You can also find the podcasts for each week at The podcasts start with second half of the week two lecture. Because this technology is new I cannot guarantee it will always work, but I think it should work most of the time.  UPDATE, February 2: I have not found this technology reliable. I will attempt to use it when it is working properly, but this technology is still not fully ready for prime time.  UPDATE, March 2: I have abandoned this system because it is unreliable. Please use the slides linked below.

Please note that these slides are in PDF files. They are smaller and much more easily stored online than are huge PowerPoint slides.

PDF files
Week 1 PDF file  
Week 2 PDF file  
Week 3 PDF file  
Week 4 PDF File Readings (PDF File, use the password provided in Class)
Week 5 PDF File  
Weeks 6-7 PDF File  
Week 8 PDF File  
Week 9 PDF File Chart of policy tool types shown in class
Week 10 PDF File  
Week 11 PDF File  
Week 12 PDF File  
Week 13 PDF File  


Assignments and Examples

Assignment Description Examples
1: Initial Email Where people are working
2: Problem memo Example Memo | An example from class |
3:Policy Environment Briefing Paper Example -- Another Example
4. Agenda Setting Strategy Paper Example
MIDTERM EXAM HERE Read my note about the midterm exam here.
5. Interest group memo  
6. Policy tools memo (also known as the "policy alternatives" memo) .  


Calendar: (Google calendar)  --- Click on icon in the lower right corner to add to your Google Calendar! Update, February 1: I edited the calendar to correct errors--please report any errors to me.  Also, note that if due dates for assignments conflict on the calendar and in the syllabus, the later date is the prevailing date.