Professor Suzanne Purrington

Office: Dabney 511
phone: 515-2864

Suzanne Purrington with many awards
At the 17th Winter Fluorine Conference, in January 2005, Professor Emeritus Suzanne Purrington was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in Fluorine Chemistry by the American Chemical Society's Division of Fluorine Chemistry.

After joining the faculty at North Carolina State University in 1976, Suzy began her studies in organofluorine chemistry using 5% fluorine in nitrogen. She was able to produce N-fluoro-2-pyridone, the first compound to be used as an electrophilic fluorinating reagent. An author of over 25 publications, Suzy became a full professor in 1995 and retired in 2000.

She has served on the Executive Committee of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry from 1991-1997, 2002-2004, and was Secretary-Treasurer (1994-1995) and Chairman (1996). In addition, she served on the nominating committee (1999) and as alternate councilor (2002-2004). From 1974-2003, Suzy was an active member and officer in the local NC division of the ACS.
Since retirement, she remains active on the NCSU campus with library committees and working in her office on publication reviews.

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written 4-25-05