Dr. E. L. Stitzinger
Office: SAS 4122
Phone: (919) 515-3258
Box 8205, Raleigh NC, 27695

Office Hours :

MA 403: Algebra

MA 792: Applications of Algebra

Course Information:

MA 242: Calculus III

MA 407: Algebra

MA 416: Introductory Combinatorics

MA 426: Advanced Calculus 2

MA 437 : Applications of Algebra

MA 520: Linear Algebra

MA 521: Algebra

MA 591: Applied Algebra

MA 720: Lie Algebra

MA 721: Abstract Algebra II

MA 796: Algebraic Combinatorics

MA 437 and MA 591 students





Other Links:

Genealogy Chart

NCSU Math department: http://www.math.ncsu.edu

Multimedia Center, Tutoring: http://www.math.ncsu.edu/mmc

Graduate Program: http://www.math.ncsu.edu/grad/

Laurie Zack, Benz Suanmali, and I are working on a module on Young Tableaux.

Neil Sigmon, Rick Klima and I collaborated on a book, Applications of Abstract Algebra with Maple and Matlab.

Peggy Batten Dissertation