AI Planning Resources

A note of self-promotion to start: If you're interested in simple planning systems that can be presented in the classroom, visit the Building simple planners in Lisp page, where you can find very small planning systems (simple versions of POP, GraphPlan, GraphPlan + CSP, SAT, and a heuristic search planner) appropriate for teaching.

Planning Systems and Testbeds

This is a list of AI planners and where they were developed, or where implementations are currently accessible. Some of these places do a good deal of planning-related research, and of course this list is not exhaustive. I have however tried to include representative examples of the latest research directions as well as pointers to planners of historical interest. If you have a suggestion for additions or changes to this list, send mail to Rob St. Amant.

Other planning sites


Planning domains

A number of members of the planning community have expressed a desire to be better able to compare planning systems on common problems and domains. In response, Jim Hendler has created a Web repository, in which one can find links to existing domains as well as post details of a new domain.

Last Update: 05/10
Rob St. Amant