Strings and String Tokenization

How do we

1. create a String?

String firstName = new String("Mary");

String lastName = "Jones";

2. concatenate Strings?

String fullName = firstName + " " + lastName;

3. determine the number of characters in 
   a String?

int nameLength = fullName.length();

4. add newlines, tabs, and double quotes to 

Newline: \n

Tab:     \t

Double Quote: \"

5. convert a String to a numeric value?

    int number = Integer.parseInt("234");
    double value = Double.parseDouble("45.89");

6. convert a number to a String?

    int sum = 3 + 5 + 4;

    //toString is automatically called below

    int dayOfWeek = 5;
    txtDayOfWeek.setText("" + dayOfWeek);

7. extract a substring from a String?

    String date = "October 10, 2001";
    //Extract the month
    String month = date.substring(0,7); 
    //Extract the day
    String day = date.substring(8,10);
    //Three different ways to extract the year:
    String year = date.substring(12,16);
    year = date.substring(12, date.length());
    year = date.substring(12);
8.  compare Strings?

    Don't use == to compare Strings 
    Use  -- equals method instead!
    == means that the two String's have the 
    same address in memory:
    String food = "apple";
    String fruit = food;
    System.out.println(food == fruit);
    String fruits = ("apple banana orange");
    String snack = fruits.substring(0,5);
    System.out.println(food == snack);

    Some Java compilers only create one copy
    of the same String literal in memory so 

    String food = "apple";
    String fruit = "apple";
    String snack = "apple";
         (food == fruit && fruit == snack));
9.  compare Strings ignoring case?
    We can also compare two strings and 
    IGNORE THE CASE of the letters 
    by using equalsIgnoreCase  method:
    String name = "bob";
    String boy = "Bob";

10.  Use the compareTo method to put Strings 
     in order?
    String x = "angel";
    String y = "zipper";
    returns a negative number ( < 0 ) 
    if x comes BEFORE y lexicographically  
    (alphabetically for Strings containing 
    only letters)
    returns a positive number ( > 0 ) 
    if x comes AFTER y lexicographically  
    (alphabetically for Strings containing 
    only letters)    

    returns 0 if x is the same as y


    Ordering depends on the ASCII value of the 
    For example, an uppercase 'B' has a lower 
    ASCII value than a lowercase 'a' so
    Ball comes before apple  
    In the same way the digits 0 - 9 have 
    lower ASCII values than letters, so 
    Strings that start with numbers come before 
    Strings that start with letters.
    123 comes before apple    

11. Extract individual characters from a 

   We can get the character at a particular 
   position in a String using the 
   charAt method
   String girl = "Jennifer";
   ch = girl.charAt(0);
   ch = girl.charAt(5);
   ch = girl.charAt(6);
   for (int i = 0; i < girl.length(); i++)
               ("ch = " + girl.charAt(i));

12. Extract "tokens" from a String by using 
    a String Tokenizer?

    A token is a sequence of characters 
    delimited by white-space.
    White-space includes the characters, 
    new-line ('\n'), tab('\t'), and space(' ')
    The String words contains 7 tokens:
    String words = 
	   "apple ball cat dog egg fish goat";
    To use the StringTokenizer class, 
    we must first
    import java.util.*;  
    at the top of the file
    Then we create an object of the 
    StringTokenizer class and pass it 
    the String that we want to have "tokenized" 
    (split into tokens)
    StringTokenizer tokenizer = 
                  new StringTokenizer(words);
    We can determine the number of tokens 
    in the String:
    int numberOfTokens = 

    We can use the nextToken() method to get 
    the next token
    for (int i = 0; i < numberOfTokens; i++) {
      String token = tokenizer.nextToken();
    We can also use the hasMoreTokens() method 
    to extract the tokens
    String misc = "7744 abc 564";
    tokenizer = new StringTokenizer(misc);
    while (tokenizer.hasMoreTokens()) {
      String token = tokenizer.nextToken();