This is Shaoliang Nie's homepage. I am a second-year Ph.D student in Computer Science, North Carolina State University. I am currently under Dr. Christopher Healey's supervision.

Email: snie@ncsu.edu
  • ECE 530: Physical Electronics
  • ECE 570: Computer Network
  • ECE 579: Introduction to Computer Performance
  • ECE 776: Design&Performance Evaluation of Network Systems&Services
  • Projects
  • Theoretical Study of Er-Yb Co-doped Fiber Amplifier(EYDFA). Work with Dr. Qun Han to simulate the perfomance of a proposed Er-Yb co-doped fiber amplifier.
  • EYDFA's amplified spontaneous emission change with different peak powers

    EYDFA's output change with different time delays between pump sources and input signal

    EYDFA's output change with different time delays between two pump sources

  • Passive Snapshot Remote Imaging of Object Velocity. Work with Dr. Michael Kudenov to study imaging techniques to capture remote object's velocity and trajectory.
  • By measuring the reflected sunlight from satellites, Doppler Shift can be calculated to deduct the velocity and further, the trajectory of satellite's orbit.