Steve McDonald
Steve McDonald, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology

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Non-searching is an informal recruitment process whereby people change jobs thanks to the receiving unsolicited information from their social connections. About 1 out of every 4 workers receives their jobs this way and these workers often gain access to some of the best jobs around. The following studies examine the various patterns, payoffs and consequences of non-search processes.

Social capital refers to the resources (such as information, influence, and status) that are embedded in and accessible through social network connections. The following studies examine gender and race inequality in access and returns to social capital in the labor market.
Social Capital
and Inequality

Internet and
Social Connectivity

Internet technologies have given rise to new opportunities for social connectivity and for the development of social capital. This research explores the interplay between the Internet and social connections (both online and offline), particularly in the context of work and labor markets.

Natural mentoring refers to relationships between individuals and (generally) older and more experienced non-parental adults who take a special interest in the personal/professional development of the mentee. This research assesses the long-term impact of informal mentoring on the lives and careers of young people.