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The Master's International Program was created by the US Peace Corps to enable those of you who are interested in furthering your education and volunteering with Peace Corps to do both. You become a Peace Corps Volunteer as partial fulfillment of your graduate degree and this assures that your assignment will make good use of your academic background to give you the practical experience that you desire.

The Master's International Program is a unique opportunity for you to gain insight into an area of study that is unavailable anywhere else. It is also a unique opportunity to make an enormous difference in your personal and professional life, as well as an important difference in the lives of others.

Joining the Master's International Program at NC State's Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources might lead you to an assignment with Peace Corps in which you would act as an extension worker and technical advisor in Kenya or Nepal, promoting the concept of agroforestry and introducing new forms of sustainable agriculture and alternative fuel sources. You also might work in nursery development, watershed management, or small-scale ecotourism activities in communities surrounding national parks or protected areas in Paraguay, Madagascar, or Fiji. Or you could end up being a trainer in Romania, Uganda, or Slovakia who enables promoters of natural resource conservation to learn valuable skills to help their community long after you have gone.

If any of these assignments sounds like an experience you'd like to have, please continue and find more about what is involved in becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer through the Master's International Program at NC State.


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Last updated 4 January 2007