Masters International at NC State  

Degree Programs

Dr. Erin O. Sills
Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
NC State University Box 8008
Raleigh, NC 27695-8008
(919) 515-7784

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources offers the opportunity to enter a graduate program through the MI (Master's International) option within its professional masters degree (MNR and MF) and Master of Science degree (MS) programs. (Please note that the MI option is not currently available in the wildlife program.) The MI option allows you to combine a Peace Corps assignment with a masters degree program. You should apply to both Peace Corps and the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources. Once admitted, you will take courses for two semesters before entering the Peace Corps. You are most likely to receive a volunteer assignment in forestry, especially agroforestry, and in natural resource management with an emphasis on enviromental education. After completing a two-year assignment with Peace Corps, you will return to the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources to complete your course work and present your departmental seminar.

There are two independent study courses (3 credits each) associated with preparing for and analyzing the Peace Corps experience. Otherwise, you follow the same rigorous curriculum as other masters students, with the added benefits of international field experience and a professional paper or thesis based on that experience.

Faculty advisory committees will assist you in choosing courses which both meet the requirements of your degree program and prepare you for Peace Corps assignments. You may audit language courses in addition to your regular curriculum. The Peace Corps assignment fulfills any requirement for an internship and may fulfill the requirement to serve as a teaching assistant.

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Last updated 27 September 2000