Economics for Managers
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Fall 2005


Welcome to the Economics for Managers home page. This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of microeconomic concepts that are most applicable to business decisions.

The course starts with an accelerated review of supply and demand, production, cost, perfect competition and monopoly. These concepts must be understood to get full value from courses in strategy, marketing, finance, and operations.

With this foundation, the course then shows how economics informs a wide range of business decisions:

Special attention will be paid to the issues faced by firms whose main activity is the production and distribution of information. We hear so much about the "new economy," but it turns out that we can understand it very well with some tried and true economics. Whether you are an enrolled student in my class at NC State University, or a lurker with an interest in learning more about economics, you will find all of the lecture notes, Powerpoint slides, and assignments on this website. Enjoy!