SHARE-Sierra Hydrometeorology Atmospheric Rivers Experiment

Dec 2008- Feb 2009 in Northern California. Status proposal stage

Objective: Investigate the multi-scale physics of orographic precipitation development and air mass transformation associated with frontal systems crossing the northern California Sierra Nevada mountains.

This project will use a combination of aircraft and surface-based instruments to document changes to the thermodynamic and microphysical characteristics of storms as they move onshore, across the Coastal mountains, Sacramento valley, and the windward and lee slopes of the Sierra. Key questions to be addressed by the project include: How are fronts modified by the barrier jet and topography? What sources of vertical motion are most important to precipitation generation over mountains? What processes are responsible for high precipitation efficiency? What are the key scales of vertical motions and the associated dominant microphysics processes?

Field Opportunities for NCSU Students: A wide variety of observing systems including radar-equipped aircraft, ground based scanning and vertically pointing radars, upper-air soundings, and precipitation measurement.

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