Oceanic Precipitation

           West Pacific

           East Pacific

The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Kwajalein Experiment (KWAJEX) in 1999 was designed to obtain an empirical physical characterization of precipitating convective clouds over the tropical ocean. Coordinated datasets were collected by three aircraft, one ship, five upper-air sounding sites, and a variety of continuously recording remote and in situ surface-based sensors, including scanning Doppler radars, profilers, disdrometers, and rain gauges.

In addition to the data sets obtained during KWAJEX, long-term TRMM ground validation site observations encompassing several rainy seasons are available for analysis.  Current projects utilizing the Kwajalein data sets include a study of the multi-scale interaction of precipitation structures with large scale atmospheric waves (in collaboration with Adam Sobel of Columbia University) and characterization of oceanic precipitation microphysics within ice and rain and comparison to TRMM microphysics retrievals (in collaboration with David Kingsmill of University of Colorado).

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