Fourth State Applications Research Group


Ncsu Nuclear Engineering


We just received word from the National Science Foundation that we are officially part of the NSF I/UCRC for Lasers and Plasmas in Advanced Manufacturing! 

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Currently funded research projects:

Advanced RF Power Drives for industrial plasma reactors (with MKS Instruments and NSF)

Advanced plasma sources for next generation material processes (Plasmatherm)

Compact neutron source designs for active interrogation of materials (DoD)

Particle-in-cell simulation of RF driven sheaths (ORAU)

Measuring electric fields in RF sheaths via Stark effect (in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Nanoscale devices for studying material response to radiation exposure (in collaboration with the NCSU MSE, University of Tennessee MSE, and the Department of Energy)

Ion Beam Assisted Deposition of materials for radiation tolerant coatings (in collaboration with the Department of Energy and MAE Department at NCSU)

Current ongoing projects:

Advanced algorithms for electron energy distribution function measurements

Novel plasma sources for biological mitigation

New plasma sources for PECVD applications in photovoltaic production

VHF driven atmospheric air plasmas for air and water treatment

Closed Projects:

Utilizing textile embedded corona discharges to monitor air exhaust (in collaboration with NCSU Textiles)

RF stress test fixtures for in-situ plasma measurement (in collaboration with KLA Tencor)

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Welcome to the website for steve shannon and the 4-STAR research group

Our group currently consists of seven graduate students and three undergraduate students.  Our primary focus is in plasma applications technology and nanoscale material synthesis for various applications.