4th State Applications Research Group



Group news

Congratulations to Elijah Martin, 4-Star alumni who was awarded a prestigious DOE Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Good luck to all of our 4-Star members gearing up for their PhD qualifying exam this fall.

Current projects

Pulsed RF heating of low temperature plasmas for advanced manufacturing processes (NSF, MKS Instruments)

Phase lock harmonic drive for IEDF control (NSF, MKS Instruments, Plasma-therm Inc.)

Particle-in-cell simulation of RF driven sheaths (DOE)

Large scale atmospheric pressure plasma sources (Advanced Energy Inc.)

Open source multi-physics platforms for studying plasma systems (NSF)

Welcome to the website for the 4-Star research group, led by Steve Shannon at NC State University!

We tear electrons from atoms using high power generators and then stick things in the ionized gas to see what happens.  Sometimes cool things happen, sometimes we have a mess to clean up, but we tend to have fun either way, and graduate some pretty smart people in the process.