MA 103Q-002

Topics in Contemporary Mathematics: Mathematics and Politics


Optional Paper 3, due Friday, April 30

The three papers were supposed to count 30% of your grade. Each paper was supposed to count 10%.

There are two options for Paper 3.

Option 1. Don't do a third paper. If you choose this option, Papers 1 and 2 will each count 15% of your grade.

Option 2. Redo an earlier paper on which your grade was B+ or lower. (If your lowest grade was A-, you may redo that one.) Take into account the instructions for the paper (very important!) and any comments I wrote on your paper. Feel free to use any new ideas you may have. Turn in both the original paper and your new one. If you choose this option, Papers 1, 2 and 3 will each count 10% of your grade. (I'm assuming here that your redone paper is a significant improvement over the first version. If it's not, I'll revert to Option 1 for your grade.)

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