Boundary Layer Meteorology Research
at North Carolina State University

Research Group

Chris Nunalee (standing - left), Yao Wang (standing - right), and Heather Richardson (sitting) near Boulder, Colorado (2011)

Current Advisees

Post-doctoral Research Associate 

Dr. Ping He


Adam DeMarco 

Pat Hawbecker

Christopher Nunalee

Kiliyanpilakkil Velayudhan Praju

Yao Wang


Andy Meier

Former Advisees

     Archie       Brandon      Julie             Kornel         Rachel                         

   Suraj                William

Post-doctoral Research Associate 

Dr. Archie Ruiz-Columbie (research topic: scintillometry and low-level jets); currently working at Texas Wind Energy Institute, Texas Tech University.

Visiting Scholar 

Dr. Wei Li (research topic: stable boundary layer height parameterization)


Brandon Storm (dissertation: Modeling of low-level jets over the Great Plains: Implications for Wind Energy); currently working at EAPC Architects Engineers as a Senior Meteorologist and Wind Resource Analyst.


William Anderson (thesis: A localized dynamic model for large-eddy simulation of the neutrally buoyant atmospheric boundary layer); currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Baylor University.

Jeffrey Craft (thesis: Wind ramp events: Forecast verification and climatology); currently working at GL Garrad Hassan as a Meteorologist.

Suraj Harshan (thesis: Modeling of Antarctic boundary layer) ; currently doing a PhD at National University of Singapore.

Julie Phillipson (thesis: Bursting events in the stable atmospheric boundary layer); currently at the National Weather Service, St. Louis.

Heather Richardson (thesis: Improving stable boundary layer parameterization in a mesoscale model to better represent nocturnal low-level jets); currently working at AirDat as a Meteorologist.

Rachel Trier (thesis: Forecast verification: A dispersion modeling perspective); currently working at Alliant Energy as a Wind Resource Analyst.


Michelle Cipullo

Visiting Research Assistant

Kornel Rozsavolgyi (research topic: Wind resource and site assessments); currently working at Texas Wind Energy Institute, Texas Tech University.

Research Assistant

Nikhil Kondabala (research topic: Turbine Inflow Characterization)