Files for Chapter 7

Description: This directory contains the MATLAB codes for Examples 7.15 and 7.16 along with an example illustrating the
accuracy of the sensitivity equation for the spring model in Example 7.15.

Data Files: 

Example7_15: This is a spring model in which the stiffness K is considered fixed and known and the damping parameter C
is the parameter considered in statistical analysis. The code Example7_15_long.m takes approximately 45 s to run.

or individually as Example7_15.m, Example7_15_long.m , spring_function.m

Sensitivity Equation: This example illustrates the solution to the sensitivity equation for the damping coefficient C in the spring model z̈+Cz˙+Kz=0z(0)=0,z˙=-C\begin{array}{l} \ddot{z} + C \dot{z} + K z = 0 \\ z(0) = 0 , \dot{z} = -C \end{array}
of Example 7.15. Specifically, it compares the analytic sensitivity solution with the computed solution to the sensitivity equation.

Codes: spring_sensitivity.m, spring_rhs.m, spring_sens_rhs.m

Example 7.16:
This is the steady state heat example for data collected from an aluminum rod as detailed in Example 3.5. This
requires the data

Codes: or individually as Example7_16.m, heat_fun_al.m