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MA 797V

Validation, Verication and Uncertainty Quantification

Background and Motivation

  • Lecture 1 (PDF)

Fundamental Model Development

  • Lecture 2: Spring, rod and beam models (PDF)

Numerical Methods for ODE

  • Lecture 3: Numerical methods for IVP and BVP (PDF)

Verification Techniques for ODE

  • Lecture 4: Convergence analysis for IVP (PDF)
  • Lecture 5: Convergence analysis for BVP (PDF)

Numerical and Verification Techniques for PDE

  • Lecture 6: Numerical Techniques for PDE (PDF)
  • Lecture 7: Verification Techniques for PDE (PDF)

Parameter Estimation Issues

  • Lecture 8: Deterministic parameter estimation (PDF)
  • Lecture 9: Statistical parameter estimation (PDF)

Propagation of Parameter Uncertainty in Models

  • Lecture 11: Model uncertainty (PDF)
  • Lecture 12: Local sensitivity and uncertainty analysis (PDF)

Model Validation Techniques

  • Lecture 13: Validation using propagation of uncertainty (PDF)

Stochastic Models, Estimators and Emulators

  • Lecture 14: Kalman filters (PDF)

Fundamental Probability and Statistics Theory

  • Lecture 10: Aspects of probability and statistics (PDF)