Ross W. Whetten

Educational Background

1988- Ph.D, Vanderbilt University. Major, Molecular Biology; Minor, Biochemistry

 1981- B.S.,  Arizona State University. Major, Bacteriology


Professional Experience

1998 – present: Associate Professor, NC State University, Forestry

2001 – 2003:     On leave from NC State University; working with Bio-Informatics Group, Inc., Cary NC, as Vice President of Molecular Biology.

1992 – 1998:     Research Assistant Professor, NC State University, Forestry

1989 – 1992:     Postdoctoral Research Associate, NC State University, Forestry

1988 – 1989:     Postdoctoral Research Associate, Utah State University, Biology


Research Interests

Regulation of gene expression and biochemical flux during tree growth and development, genetic control of growth rate and form in trees. Development and application of new technologies for assessing the genetic and biochemical components that determine tree growth and development.



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