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 Semester Overview

Image of DNA, scientist, and command-line tools

Class meetings are in Room 6117 Jordan Hall from 3:30 to 5:20 pm on Mondays and 12:30 to 4:30 pm on Fridays

Teaching assistant: Keith Merrill
KRMerrill at ncsu dot edu
Week 1  28 Feb   Introduction to Linux and the command-line interface
Week 2 3 & 7 Mar Data preprocessing, experimental design, error correction and alignment
Week 3 10 & 14 Mar Spring break - no classes
Week 4 17 & 21 Mar Genome sequencing, assembly, and alignment
Week 5 24 & 28 Mar Genome analysis: ChIP-seq, DHS-seq, 3-D conformation
Week 6 31 Mar & 4 Apr Transcriptome analysis: assembly, differential gene expression, annotation
Week 7 7 & 11 Apr Discovery and genotyping genetic variation
Week 8 14 Apr awk, sed, and bash  - command-line file editing and processing
Week 9 21 Apr Integrated Genome Browser - guest lecture, Ann Loraine of UNC-C 

General background information

The R statistical programming environment

A flow-chart overview of DNA sequencing experiments

A flowchart showing different steps in designing, conducting, and analyzing a DNA sequencing experiment