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The Franks' Lab is interested in the molecular mechanisms of Development. We presently work in the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana, a type of mustard plant. Much of our work has focused on the development of the female reproductive structure the gynoecium. The gynoecium, or seed pod, gives rise to ovules that when fertilized will become the seeds. In fruiting species the gynoecium develops into the fruit. Please check out the links located on the left of this page for more information about who we are and what we do.

Breaking News ("Gombryo's corner")

  • Bhupinder's review paper it out. Auxin and cytokinin act during gynoecial patterning and the development of ovules from the meristematic medial domain. WIREs Dev Bio. (2015) Free pre-review version
  • Xavious Allen and Grace Foley are awarded NCSU Undergraduate Research Awards for Summer 2015
  • Blind Cavefish Jokes from GN434 "Genes and Development" Course
  • GN434 - Wiki entries
  • Brian Brian Sullivan, graduate student in Plant Biology Program joins Franks lab
  • A new batch of educational science videos for 5th and 9th graders teach development and evolution
  • New video: Expression of pSHP:YFP in dehisicence zone of seuss mutant seed pod - click here
  • Wynn A.N., Seaman A. A., Jones A.L., Franks R.G. (2014) Novel functional roles for PERIANTHIA and SEUSS during floral organ identity specification, floral meristem termination and gynoecial development. Frontiers in Plant Science. Vol 5, No. 00130. DOI=10.3389/fpls.2014.00130; http://journal.frontiersin.org/Journal/10.3389/fpls.2014.00130/abstract
  • Franks Lab awarded NSF grant - Latest award information form NSF IOS - 1355019


  • Review article on Auxin and the Arabidopsis thaliana gynoecium is published in Journal of Experimental Botany- click here
  • Methods in molecular bilogy chapter on SEM analysis published - click here
  • Collaborative paper with Jeong H. Kim on GRF in Arabidopsis published in Developmental Biology- click here
  • April and Beth's paper is accepted to PLOS ONE -, 2011- click here

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  • David, Loray and Michael give posters at NCSU Undergraduate Research Symposium click here
  • anti-SEUSS antibody availalbe form Gallus immunotech -click here
  • David Higgins Featured in Perspectives Magazine - click here
  • Mia's paper is published in New Phytologist - click here
  • Beth is now an Assistant Professor of Biology at Indiana University Southeast
  • Nathan is now a graduate student at Johns Hopkins

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