Ecohydrology and Watershed Science



  1. 3/2015 - A new series of articles in the Coastal Review Online discusses environmental issues on the Albemarle-Pamlico peninsula and features our Coastal SEES research.

  2. 2/2015 - Our STEM outreach work with Native high school students in eastern North Carolina is featured in a local newspaper article.

  3. 1/2015 - Ryan and other Coastal Salinization project leaders attend the Coastal Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability (Coastal SEES) investigator meeting at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA.

  4. 1/2015 - Alex Moody joins the team as a Ph.D. student to focus on coastal ecohydrology.

  5. 11/2014 - Check out the latest episode of Exploring North Carolina featuring the pocosin, a unique forested wetland of the southeastern US coastal plain. It also features an interview with Ryan.

  6. 11/2014 - Congratulations to Fabian Nippgen for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation focusing on the effects of landscape structure and climate on watershed hydrological processes.  Fabian is co-advised by Brian McGlynn (Duke) and Ryan and is receiving his Ph.D. from Montana State University.

  7. 9/2014 - Ryan and a team of collaborators have been awarded a grant from the NSF Coastal SEES program to study salinization of land and water resources on the Albemarle-Pamlico Peninsula of North Carolina. Read the NSF Press Release here.  The NCSU College of Natural Resources has funded a complementary project that will recruit and train a cohort of 5 doctoral students focusing on salinization and related issues and solutions in the Albemarle-Pamlico region.  Read the recruiting announcement below.

  8. 7/2014 - Congratulations to Wilmer Reyes for receiving a 3-year Russell E. Train Fellowship from the World Wildlife Fund.  His work in Honduras will help to understand connections between watershed processes, land and water management and health of the Mesoamerican Reef.

  9. 7/2014 - Congratulations to Susan Gale for successfully defending her Master’s Thesis on links between watershed characteristics, hydrological regimes and in-stream ecological conditions!

  10. 6/2014 - New invited commentary in Ecohydrology on ecohydrological flow networks.

  11. 5/2014 - Congratulations to Dale Prihoda for receiving his BS degree in Environmental Technology and Management!

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We focus on quantifying mass and energy exchange between vegetated landscapes and the atmosphere at scales ranging from individual leaves to entire watersheds; exploring the interface of soils, vegetation and the atmosphere in a watershed context; and understanding water and biogeochemical cycles in the face of global change. 

Projects are currently underway in North Carolina, Virginia and Montana and include investigations of coupled carbon and water cycles in a variety of ecosystems; understanding vegetation processes in a watershed context; and assessing secondary succession using remote sensing tools.



FOR 420/520: Watershed Hydrology

FOR 595-007: Mountain Ecohydrology Field Course


NR 421/521: Wetland Assessment, Delineation, and Regulation (Moving to Fall Semester in 2014).


No opportunities at this time.


Grad Students

Alex Moody (Ph.D.)

Wilmer Reyes (Ph.D.)

Josh Rice (Ph.D.)

Nitin Singh (Ph.D.)

Liz Ward (M.N.R.)

Undergrad Students

Taylor Kiker (B.S.)

Jocelyn Painter (B.S.Eng.)

Former Students and Post-Docs

Brittany Anstead (B.S. NCSU, 2013)

Will Beuttell (B.S. 2008, M.S. 2011, both from AppState)

Ruchi Bhattacharya (Post-Doc, 2012)

John Buckley (M.N.R., NCSU, 2013)

Susan Gale (M.S., NCSU, 2014)

Anna Hazen (B.S., AppState, 2011)

Kendra Kaiser (B.S., MSU, 2011)

Alex Moody B.S., AppState, 2011)

Oby Morgan (B.S., AppState, 2011)

Adam Motsinger (B.S., AppState, 2008)

Fabian Nippgen* (Ph.D., MSU, 2014)

Cormac O’Doherty (M.S., NCSU, 2013)

Michael Oxendine (B.S., AppState, 2011)

Dale Prihoda (B.S., NCSU, 2014)

Alan Shafer (B.S. NCSU, 2012)

Stephen Mitchell (Post-Doc, 2012)

*Co-Advised with Brian McGlynn