Ecohydrology and Watershed Science



  1. 4/2018 - Ryan discusses environmental justice and indigenous rights at the UVA Indigenous Ecologies Symposium.

  2. 4/2018 - Ryan is the keynote speaker for the 2018 Southeast Indian Studies Conference at UNC Pembroke.

  3. 3/2018 - Justine Neville, Andrea Stewart, and Ryan present at the NC Water Resources Research Institute Conference.

  4. 1/2018 - New review paper from Coweeta LTER on unexpected advances in ecology made possible by long-term data.

  5. 12/2017 - Congratulations to Justine Neville for successfully defending her M.S. thesis!

  6. 12/2017 - Justine Neville, Andrea Stewart, and Ryan present at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in New Orleans.

  7. 7/2017 - New letter in Science magazine on Flawed Environmental Justice Analyses.

  8. 7/2017 - Justine Neville receives a graduate fellowship from NC Water Resources Research Institute & NC Sea Grant!

  9. 5/2017 - Congratulations to Spring 2017 graduates, Jocelyn Painter (B.S.Eng.) and Wilmer Reyes (Ph.D.)!

  10. 5/2017 - Josh Rice’s work on links between watershed characteristics and streamflow responses to El Niño-Southern Oscillation published in Water Resources Research.

  11. 4/2017 - Video of Ryan’s speech at the Raleigh March for Science.

  12. 3/2017 - Read Ryan’s general assembly address from the North Carolina Indian Unity Conference (including links to follow-up readings).

  13. 3/2017 - Congratulations to Wilmer Reyes for successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation on landscape complexity and heterogeneity!

  14. 2/2017 - Andrea Stewart receives a scholarship from the NC Association of Environmental Professionals!

  15. 1/2017 - Read about Ryan’s presentation at UNC-Pembroke’s Native American Speaker Series.

  16. 12/2016 - Abinash Bhattachan, Justine Neville, Jocelyn Painter, Josh Rice, and Ryan present at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

  17. 12/2016 - NCSU Center for Geospatial Analytics names Ryan a Faculty Fellow.

  18. 12/2016 - Listen to Ryan’s interview with American Indian Airwaves on KPFK in Los Angeles. Host Larry Smith and Ryan discuss Hurricane Matthew, industrial agriculture, and natural gas pipelines in eastern North Carolina.

  19. 11/2016 - NC State names Ryan one of 22 new University Faculty Scholars, a group of emerging academic leaders at North Carolina’s largest university.

  20. 11/2016 - Ryan participates in the 21st annual American Indian Heritage Celebration at the NC Museum of History, presenting on indigenous water issues.

  21. 11/2016 - Ryan presents at the Distinguished Speaker Series at CU-Boulder’s Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.

  22. 11/2016 - Ryan presents on Lumbee water knowledge and environmental concerns at the American Society for Ethnohistory conference in Nashville, TN.

  23. 11/2016 - Video recording of UCAR congressional briefing now on YouTube.  Watch it here.

  24. 9/2016 - Ryan discusses ecohydrology research and indigenous communities at a UCAR congressional briefing on Capitol Hill.

  25. 8/2016 - USDA Center for Integrated Forest Science highlights Lumbee River project on their website.

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We focus on quantifying water, carbon, and energy exchange between landscapes and the atmosphere; exploring the interface of soils, vegetation and the atmosphere; and understanding ecohydrological processes in the face of global change.  We also study implications of these processes for society, especially vulnerable communities struggling with legacies of environmental degradation and inequity.


Fall 2018

FOR 420/520: Watershed Hydrology


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Ryan E. Emanuel, Associate Professor and University Faculty Scholar, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources



Ryan Emanuel


Theo Jass (Environmental Scientist)

Grad Students

Justine Neville (Ph.D.)

Andrea Stewart (M.S.)

Undergrad Students

Jalen Rose (B.S.)

Former Students and Post-Docs

Brittany Anstead (B.S. NCSU, 2013)

Jessica Anstead (B.S. NCSU, 2015)

Will Beuttell (B.S. 2008, M.S. 2011, both from AppState)

Abi Bhattachan (Post-Doc, 2017)

Ruchi Bhattacharya (Post-Doc, 2012)

John Buckley (M.N.R., NCSU, 2013)

Susan Gale (M.S., NCSU, 2014)

Anna Hazen (B.S., AppState, 2011)

Kendra Kaiser* (B.S., MSU, 2011)

Taylor Kiker (B.S., NCSU, 2015)

Stephen Mitchell (Post-Doc, 2012)

Alex Moody B.S., AppState, 2011)

Oby Morgan (B.S., AppState, 2011)

Adam Motsinger (B.S., AppState, 2008)

Fabian Nippgen* (Ph.D., MSU, 2014)

Cormac O’Doherty (M.S., NCSU, 2013)

Michael Oxendine (B.S., AppState, 2011)

Jocelyn Painter (B.S.Eng., NCSU, 2017)

Dale Prihoda (B.S., NCSU, 2014)

Wilmer Reyes (Ph.D. NCSU, 2017)

Josh Rice (Ph.D. NCSU, 2016)

Alan Shafer (B.S. NCSU, 2012)

Julie Sikes (B.S. NCSU, 2016)

Nitin Singh (Ph.D. NCSU, 2016)

Bree Tillett (B.S. NCSU, 2014)

Christian Vose (B.S. NCSU, 2013)

*Co-Mentored with Brian McGlynn