Bernine Khan


Title: Release of Arsenic to the Environment from CCA-Treated Wood: Leaching and Speciation during Service and Disposal.

Monday October 27th, 4pm, Mann Hall 323

Abstract: For the past 60 years, chromate-copper-arsenate (CCA) has been used to treat large volumes of wood in the United States for the construction of many outdoor structures. CCA-treated wood contains enough arsenic to be considered a hazardous waste. Leaching of arsenic from these structures is a possible health concern and a potential for soil and groundwater contamination. Two pilot-scaled studies were set up to evaluate the extent of arsenic (in terms of its speciation) leaching from in-service CCA-treated wood structures and from disposed CCA-treated wood to different landfill types. Leaching rates from both studies were combined with annual CCA-treated wood production and disposal statistics to develop a mathematical model to estimate the extent of arsenic leaching from in-service and disposed CCA-treated wood to Florida soils. Results from these pilot studies and the modeling work will be discussed in this talk