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Research projects in the Ghiladi group focus on the multiple roles of metal ions in biology and medicine, with the goals of elucidating enzyme pathways pertinent to disease states, understanding fundamental mechanisms of metalloenzymes involved in biocatalysis, investigating the limits of protein design and engineering, and the emergence of metallodrugs in pharmaceutical chemistry. We address each of these objectives using a highly interdisciplinary approach that is unique to the bioinorganic chemist. Namely, that enzymology, spectroscopy, molecular biology, synthetic inorganic chemistry, and protein biochemistry are all integral parts of the bigger picture of how metals interact with their environment in biological systems.

Recent News
July 2014:
Leiah and Nikolette are presenting posters at BioMetals 2014 hosted
     at Duke University.
July 2014: Congratulations to Dr. David Barrios on his appointment as a
     postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School.
June 2014: Drs. Ghiladi and Franzen presented talks at the 8th International
     Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines in Istanbul, Turkey.
April 2014: Check out David's paper on the new enzymatic functions of DHP
     in JACS!
March 2014: Great work from the Popescu lab - Mossbauer data on DHP
     presented by our collaborator at the ACS meeting in Dallas.
December 2013: Rania's EPR work is now online in the Journal of
     Biological Chemistry!
November 2013: Congratulations to Xingci Situ on the successful defense of
     her MS degree!
October 2013: Nikolette did a great job on her talk at SERMACS in Atlanta!
October 2013: Brad and Xingci present posters at NC PhotoChem at UNC
Spring '13: Congratulations to Dr. Ghiladi for winning the LeRoy and Elva
     Martin Award for Teaching Excellence!