• Welcome visiting students and professors from Zhejiang University of China. This is a continuation of our collaboration in research and Study Abroad teaching

  • Dr. Jenny Xiang attended the Westlake Symposium in Hangzhou, China. Congratulations to her on her successful presentation

  • Welcome new members joining our lab! Ms. Julieta Lindo, new Ph.D. student from Philippine, Ms. Yanxia Sun & Ms. Qing Ma, visiting Ph.D. students from China, Dr. Enxiang Li, a visiting scholar from China, and Chalanda Reid, an undergraduate student from Human Biology of NCSU.

  • Congratulations to Kimberly Shearer on her recipient of NSF-EDEN Undergraduate Intership Award and Mary Dell Chilton Undergratuate Research Award (2013)! Kimberly has joined our Plant Molecular Systemtics lab since the summer 2013 and worked on floral bud sampling for In situ hybridization, CorcanLFY Arabidopsis transformation and the phenotype of transgenic plants

  • Congratulations to Dr. Xiang on her recipient of Outstanding Global Engagement Award (2013)!

  • Congratulations to Dr. Jenny Xiang on her successful promotion to full professor!

  • Congratulations to Andrew Pais on his student traveling award!

  • Jenny Xiang’s group at NC Plant Molecular Biology Retreat Conference, Asheville, NC, 10/2010

  • Jenny and visiting scholars from China at the collecting trip to the Spruce Knob Mountains, WV.

  • Jenny Xiang’s PB 403/503 Class Botany at a Lunch Table (2010 fall):

  • Jenny Xiang and Plant Biology Department hosted Study Abroad Class from Zhejiang University, China :

  • Jenny’s 2010 Study Abroad Class'at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, in China:

  • Jenny and Mia attended the BSA annual conference and presented research papers, Providence, RI, Aug. 1-4, 2010.


  • Jenny gave a talk at the International Symposium “New Frontiers in Plant Systematics and Evolution”, Beijing July, 7-9, 2010.
  • We hosted Professors Fu, Chengxin and Dr. Zhao, Yunpeng from Zhejiang University, China in August and September, 2009. This is a continuation of our collaboration in research and Study Abroad teaching

Meeting with Plant Biology Department Head Dr. Margo Daub and Graduate Student Program Director Dr. Becky Boston, was held to discuss mechanisms of strengthening and broadening the collaboration between plant biology department and Life Sciences at Zhejiang University. Plans were developed.

Left: A reunion with students participated in Dr. Xiang's Study Abroad program was arranged. Prof. Fu and Dr. Zhao were the host of this program. Prof. Fu and his wife Prof. Zheng in Food Science department of ZJU are at the right. Right: Prof. Fu and his former student Yuelong Guo, now a graduate student in Xiang's lab.

Camping with Dr. Zhao for the night during the field study and collection of research materials.

  • Jenny's Study Abroad Field Botany in China was successfully
    run in May-June 2009
  • 2008 BSA Conference in Vancouver

Norm Douglas, Mia Feng, and Jenny Xiang attended the conference and gave two oral research presentations at the meeting.

  1. Phylogeography and species delimitation of Nyssa sylvatica complex from Eastern North America –an application of colescence and Bayesian methods. Contributed paper at BSA in Vancouver, Canada, July, 2008.
  2. Comparative developmental study of inflorescence in Cornus. Contributed paper at BSA in Vancouver, Canada, July, 2008.


  • Student Travel Award

Congratulations to Mia Feng who obtained Development and Structure Section Student Travel Award at BSA 2008, 2010 conference in Vancouver, Canada, and Providence, RI.

  • Hosting Study Abroad student from China

Patric Zhou, a junior from Zhejing University, Hangzhou, China, joined the lab for 6 weeks in the summer of 2008 as a visiting student on a Study Abroad Program offered by the Confusion Institution affiliated with NCSU. Patric participated the research project on conservation genetics and phylogeography of Lilium species in the eastern US under the supervision of Norm Douglas.


  • Field Trip to Croatan National Forest, NC - May 2006

Jenny and students along with Dr. David Boufford (Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University) went to Croatan National Forest to learn and practice field collection techniques and to collect specimens that will be used for research and teaching. Pictures from the field trip can be seen HERE.