Jenny Xiang's Plant Systematics Lab at           North Carolina State University        

Current Lab Members

Andrew Pais
Ph.D. Student

Julieta Lindo
Ph.D. Student

Yanxia Sun
Visiting Ph.D. Student

Qing Ma
Visiting Ph.D. Student

Enxiang Li
Visiting Scholar

Xingmin Geng
Visiting Scientist

Yan Yu
Visiting Scientist

Ashley Yow
Biology Student

Xiang Liu
Research Specialist

Former Lab Members

Kimberly Shearer
Horticutural Science and Plant Biology Student

Charlotte Rastas Former Biology Student, Current Duke Gradute Student

Yousef Abuahmad Biology and Plant Biology Student

Andres Qi
Visiting Ph.D. Student

Chalanda Reid
Human Biology Student

Baoha Song
Visiting scholar (Current Assistant Professor at UNC of Charlotte)

Norman Douglas
Post Doc. (Currently in Ohio)

Jian Zhang
Post Doc. (Currently in Beijing, China)

Chanel Wilson
REU Student

Chris Trlica  Undergraduate  Student

Chunmiao Feng
Ph.D. (Current Post-Doc. in  Duke University)

Ashley Brooks

Wade Wall
Ph.D. (Currently in Champaign, IL)

Wade Roberts
REU Student

Juan Liu
Visiting scholar

Yi Yu
Visiting scholar

Amanda Saville 

AJ Harris M.S. student (Current Ph.D. in U. Alberta, Canada)

Yuelong Guo M.S. student (Current MS in Department of Bioinformatics at NCSU)

Alexander Krings
Ph.D student
(Current Curator of herbarium at NCSU)

Wenheng Zhang Ph.D student (Current Postdoc, Harvard University, Chuck Davies lab)

Chuanzhu Fan Ph.D student (Current Postdco, U. Arizona)

Jennifer Modliszewski M.S. student (Current Ph.D. student at Duke University)

Melinda Peters M.S. student (Current Curitorial Assistant at Harvard University Herbaria)

David Thomas Research Specialist (Current Science Teacher at Precollege Academy of Science)

Dr. Junli Zhang Visiting Scientist from Taiwan, Academia Sinica (Prof., Zhongshan University Guangzhou, China)

Shih-Chung Hsu visiting scholar (Current Ph.D. student, Washington University, St. Louis)

Dr. Yuguo Wang visiting Scientist (Prof, Fudan University, Shanghai, China)

Dr. Qiaoping Xiang visiting Scientist (Prof., Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)

Kemei Ding research assistant 2006-2007

Xiaoli Du research assistant 2003-2004