PB 624T – Special Topics in Plant Systematics and Evolution

Instructor: Jenny Qiuyun Xiang; jenny_Xiang@ncsu.edu; 515-2728; GA 4209

Meeting Time and Room: To be arranged

Credit: 1

Grading: S/U

This is a journal reading and discussion class. It is offered every semester for graduate students who are interested in plant molecular systematics and evolution. The objective is to provide an opportunity for graduate students to learn both theoretical and practical knowledge in plant molecular systematics and evolution, as well as to maintain informed in current advances in these research areas. Each semester, the readings may be focused on a special current topic, a book, or selected journal articles by graduate students that are related to their research.

Each class meeting is led by the instructor or by a student. Key points of the reading, questions/problems to be discussed will be posted before hand by the leader whenever possible. Being the leader does not mean that you have to understand all the materials of the paper. The goal is to learn together. Evaluation of students will be based on their attendance, participation in discussion, and preparation for leading the discussion.