USDA-ARS Maize Disease Resistance Genetics at NC State

Disease Resistance Data on Maize Diversity lines

In collaboration with Randy Wisser and Rebecca Nelson  we have comprehensively assessed , over multiple environments and years, the responses of a set of 309 lines representing the diversity of maize to three foliar diseases– Southern leaf blight (slb), Northern leaf blight (nlb) and Grey leaf spot (gls).  Most of these lines are included in the Maize Association Mapping Population.   Here we present the rankings of the lines for the three diseases (a ranking of 1 indicating it is the most resistant line).   These rankings have been calculated using flowering time, which is highly correlated with disease resistance, as a cofactor.  We also present a multiple disease resistance (mdr) ranking based on the rankings of the other three diseases.


· These data are  presented and analysed in more detail in

Wisser, R., Kolkman, J., Patzoldt, M., Holland, J., Yu, J., Krakowsky, M., Nelson, R., and Balint-Kurti, P. (2011) : Multivariate analysis of resistances to three diseases in maize suggests a pleiotropic genetic basis and implicates a glutathione S-transferase as a multiple disease resistance gene. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108:7339-7344


A text file with these data can be downloaded here