Jim Holland is a USDA research geneticist, quantitative genetics expert and all-round smart guy.  He is one of the parents of the world famous NAM population and we collaborate with him on several of our projects

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Major Goodman is corn breeding legend here at NC State.   Major has a large program centered around the incorporation of exotic germplasm into temperate linesHe is very generous with bothtime and seeds

Rebecca Nelson is an associate professor of Plant Pathology, Breeding and International Agriculture at Cornell and serves as Program Director for The McKnight Foundation's Collaborative Crop Research Program .   We collaborate in a number of areas , pretty much everything really.  A MacArthur Genius Fellow, Rebecca even has her own wikipedia page.

Guri Johal is responsible for cloning the first plant disease resistance gene.  We collaborate on the disease lesion mimic project funded by NSF.   Scott Hulbert has also provided a lot of material for this work. 

Chi-Ren Shyu and his folks are taking pictures of ill corn leaves for digital QTL analysis.  We are also collaborating with them to image lesion mimic phenotypes.  They tend to wander round corn fields holding umbrellas.

Rick Nelson and his colleague X. Ding have shown that viral induced gene silencing (VIGS) works in maize.  We are working with him and with Peg Redinbaughto see if we can optimize the process.

To contact us:

Peter Balint-Kurti


Dept. of Plant Pathology,

NC State University

Raleigh NC 27695-7616

Phone: 919-515-3516

Lab: 919 515 7376


E-mail: peter_balintkurti@ncsu.edu


Other than USDA-ARS we are or have been funded by the following;

Generation Challenge Program

Corn Growers association of NC






Thanks very Much!

Matt Krakowsky is the GEM coordinator in Raleigh, stepping into Major Goodman’s oversize shoes. 

Others to whom we are grateful:

Charlotte Bronson, Amir Sharon and Larry Dunkle, have sent us some very valuable fungal strains. Ed Buckler has been generous with his time and data.

Mike LeeEnrico Pe, Owen Hoekenga, Steve Moose, Jim Brewbaker, Mike Kolomiets , Roberto Tuberosa and Alain Charcosset have all been very generous with their germplasm.

Snook Pataky, Jeff Wilson,and Bill Tracy have very kindly running some disease assays for us .


We are very grateful to several folks at Pioneer including; Petra Wolters, Dave Bubeck, Dan Gorman and Dinekar Bhattramakki.



USDA-ARS Maize Disease Resistance Genetics at NC State

Sherry Flint-Garcia and colleagues have created a set of ~700 Near Isogenic lines carrying introgressions from 10 teosinte and 16 landrace accessions in the B73 background, resulting in libraries of small genomic fragments of teosinte in a controlled, temperate background. They have kindly let us screen this population for SLB and GLS resistance to identify introgressions which alter resistance to these disease.

We are working with Ann Stapleton on the effect of phyloplane microbial diversity on foliar pathogens.

Randy Wisser

We work a lot with Randy on projects coming out of his time here and on other disease resistance stuff.  Randy is the PI on our new NSF grant.

Peg Redinbaugh, has helped us with various things over the years and showed us how to work with viruses for our VIGS project

We are working with several people on our new NSF grant including Randy, Rebecca, and Jim as well as   Kirk Czymmek (University of Delaware - Newark), , Gary Payne (North Carolina State University), Nick Lauter (USDA-ARS/Iowa State University) and Alicia Carriquiry (Iowa State University)