Conference talks  


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  12. "Méthodes asynchrones d'éclatement d'opérateurs avec balayage par blocs," Conférence SMAI-MODE 2016. Toulouse, France, March 23-25, 2016.
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  15. "Splitting techniques in the face of huge problem sizes: Block-coordinate approaches," Optimization and Big Data 2015. Edinburgh, Scotland, May 6-9, 2015.
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  19. "On the formulation of inverse problems as minimization problems," First Workshop on Optimization for Image and Signal Processing. École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France, November 18-20, 2013.
  20. "Can one genuinely split m>2 monotone operators?" Workshop on Algorithms and Dynamics for Games and Optimization. Playa Blanca, Tongoy, Chile, October 14-18, 2013.
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  26. "The dynamics of forward-backward splitting," Games and Strategy in Paris. Paris, France, June 11-13, 2012.
  27. "Une extension de la décomposition proximale de Moreau," Journées Annuelles du GdR MOA. Saint-François, Guadeloupe, France, 4-7 juin 2012.
  28. "How many splitting algorithms are there?" Latin American Workshop on Optimization and Control. Valparaíso, Chile, January 10-13, 2012.
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  30. "Monotone+skew decomposition of inclusion problems: algorithms and applications," Computational and Analytical Mathematics. Vancouver, Canada, May 16-20, 2011.
  31. "On the cycles in the method of periodic projections," Escola de Verão em Otimização e Aplicações. Florianópolis, Brazil, March 28-April 1, 2011.
  32. "Open questions around the Baillon-Haddad theorem," French-Chilean Workshop on Dynamics, Optimization and Learning. Valparaíso, Chile, November 22-26, 2010.
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