Please Read This Entire Document Before You Begin Self-Registration


The required credit load (complete class schedule) for freshmen in their first semester is 15-17 credits. As students in Chemistry and PAMS undeclared, you will be placed into the following courses by your department or by Registration and Records :


PMS 100                                                                                                                                  1 Credit

MATHEMATICS (base on placement &/or AP scores)                                                           3 or 4 Credits

ENGLISH (ENG 100 or 101)                                                                                                   4 Credits

**CH101/102                                                                                                                            4 Credits

*CH 101 will appear on your schedule twice. One is a problem session. Do Not Drop!

** Chemistry majors who score 5 on the AP Chemistry exam will be placed into Ch221/ CH 222. These students will receive credit for CH 101/102 and CH 201/202. Chemistry majors with scores of 4 or below receive no AP credit and will be placed into CH 101/102.

Courses/credits needed to complete your schedule will come from the following areas.  A  partial list of these courses is included with this document.


Humanities/Social Sciences/Course(s) from GEP                                                                  3 Credits

History (200 level only)                                                                                                            3 Credits

Foreign Language (Placement test may be taken during Orientation)                                   3 Credits

Physical Education                                                                                                                  1 Credit



USC 110 ( 1 credit):    Members of the African American community in PAMS at NC State will take this course.




Based on a variety of placement information and the recommendations of the math department, students are registered for a math course.  Typically, this placement is based on the results of the SAT Math Level 2 Achievement Test or the NC State Math Placement test. The course on your list will vary based on your individual placement information.


Success in your first math course is a strong predictor of continued success in your first year; therefore, it is essential that you begin with a math course for which you are prepared.


The following scores have determined math placement at NC State.

Math Placement

SAT Math Level 2 or NC State Placement Minimal Test Score



MA 101

Below 430



MA 103, 105




MA 107




MA 111 (or 121)




MA 111 (or 131)




MA 141




MA 241


3, 4, or 5


MA 242



3, 4, or 5


Math requirements for Chemistry Majors and PAMS Undeclared Students

With the exception of Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chemistry, all majors in PAMS require Math 141, 241, and 242.  Often times students choose the BA in Chemistry because their long range goal is to pursue a health profession and the BA is a better choice for that pursuit. Chemistry – BA students may take Math 131, 231 and a statistics course. View eight semester displays for Chemistry at:


IB Placement:  The Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the specific academic department determine International Baccalaureate course credit.  If you have quests ask your Academic Advisers or check the website




English placement is based on your SAT-Critical Reading score, English Achievement Test Score or Advanced Placement Score.  Unless you are exempted, course placement will be into ENG 100 or 101, either in the fall or spring.  You are encouraged to complete a writing self assessment to determine which is the better fit for you English 101 or English 100.  If placed into or if you choose to start with ENG 100, you are also required to take ENG 101. The Writing Assessment is available on line at:

Placement scales are listed below :


SAT Critical Reading SCORES

ACT English and Reading

AP English Language And Composition

IB English          A1/A2 High Level



33 or above on ACT -English


Level 3- 4 with diploma. Students with IB diplomas must submit documentation to the Freshman Writing Program

Eligible to submit portfolio to apply for ENG 101 exemption


35 or above on both ACT test


Level 5,- 7 with diploma Students with IB diplomas must submit documentation to the Freshman Writing Program


Exempt from requirement



In place of the English course, all international students scoring below 590 on paper-based TOEFL or below 243 on computer-based TOEFL must take an English Placement Test (EPT) administered by the ESL section of the Department of Foreign Languages.  Students with unsatisfactory scores may be required to enroll in specific Foreign Language English (FLE) courses.  All International students will be required to take the undergraduate requirement FLE 101 or its equivalent ENG 101. For information about the EPT, please contact Toby Brody at 515-9299




Chemistry is accepted in all majors and is required for all PAMS majors . If you would like to keep all of your options for major selection open, remain in Chemistry.  It is required in scientific, technical, and engineering curricula.


FOREIGN Language

The University requires that all students demonstrate proficiency at the FL_102 level in a modern or classical foreign language to graduate from NC State.  PAMS does not require foreign language  beyond proficiency.  However, some students choose to take a foreign language minor or choose to take foreign language courses because of personal interest.




PROFICIENCY (If proficiency is not met, by one of these criteria, students must complete a foreign language course through FL-102)


Minimum requirement to meet Proficiency: (You must meet only one of these requirements).

Earned a C average (77) or better in each of two years of high school study of the same foreign language

AP score of 3 on the College Entrance Examination Board

Score of 510 or better on College Board Foreign Language Achievement Test (SAT II)


Meeting the proficiency index, however, does not automatically allow you to enroll directly into FL_201 (first course beyond proficiency or the 3rd level of Language).

If you have not taken the SAT II or the AP test in foreign languages, you may be advised to take the FL placement test during Orientation to determine appropriate placement in a college level language course.



Spanish: (S-Cape)

French: (F-CAPE)

German: (G-CAPE)


0-166             FLS 101

0-245           FLF 101

0-315             FLG 101

0-16           LAT 101

167-285         FLS 110*

246-288       FLF 110

316-397         FLG 102

17-21         LAT 102

286-345         FLS 102

289-340       FLF 102

398-501         FLG 201

22-27         LAT 201

346-424         FLS 201+

341-394       FLF 201

502-667         FLG 202

28-34         LAT 202

425-547         FLS 202

395-556       FLF 202

668                FLG 200



548                FLS 300

557              FLF 300





















*An accelerated course for students who have had 1-2 years of high school language that fulfills the FL 102 requirement.  Not for students who have not studied Spanish previously.

+Eligible for FLS 210, an accelerated course that covers FLS 102 and 201.


AP Score Placement



SAT II cut - off Scores




Met proficiency

3 or 4








FL___ 201



















300 - level course











Note: Many other languages are offered that do not have placement tests: Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, & Swahili.  Discuss your choices with your Academic Adviser.



All students must complete two credits of Physical Education before they graduate from NC State.  These required credits can be taken at any time during the next four years.  One of these courses must come from the following list.  You may also choose your 2nd course from this list, or any PE course at the 200 level. View description of all PE courses in the online course catalog:



If the following 100 level courses are available and you are registered for less than 17 hours, add one to your schedule:

PE 101 Fitness and Wellness                                      PE 106 Triathlon

PE 102 Fitness Walking*                                 PE 107 Run Conditioning

PE 103 Water Aerobics*                                 PE 108 Water Step Aerobics

PE 104 Swim Conditioning                              PE 109 Step Aerobics

PE 105 Aerobics & Body Conditioning*          and/or any (1) credit PE course at the 200 level

             *Course has a Q section



All students must complete a specified number of credits/hours within the Humanities & Social Sciences to meet the General Education Program (GEP) requirements for graduation.  Other university requirements must also be met. The following are some suggested courses, but keep in mind, availability of seats is not guaranteed.  The complete description of these courses can be found by going to



ANT  251   Physical Anthropology

HI  216   Latin America Since 1826 *

ANT  252   Cultural Anthropology

HI 233 The World in the 20th Century*

ARS  253   The Arts at NC State

HI  251   Early American History *

COM  110   Public Speaking

HI  252   Modern American History

COM  112   Interpersonal Communication *

IDS  201   Environmental Ethics *,

ENG  207   Studies in Poetry

IDS  220   Coastal and Ocean Frontier

ENG  209   Introduction to Shakespeare *

MB/BIT 210 Phage Hunter *

ENG  220   Great Works of Western Literature*

MUS  180   Introduction to Musical Experience *

ENG  223 Contemporary World Literature I

MUS   200   Understanding Music *

ENG  224   Contemporary World Literature II *

PS  201   Introduction to U.S. Government

ENG  251   Major British Writers

PS  204   Problems in American Democracy

ENG  252   Major American Writers

PS  231   International Politics

ENG 262 English Literature II *

PSY  200   Introduction to Psychology

ENG  265   American Literature I

PSY  201   Controversial Issues in Psychology

ENG  266   American Literature II

SOC  202   Principles of Sociology *

ENT  203   Introduction to Honey Bees *

SOC  203   Current Social Problems

HA  203   History of American Art

SOC   204   Sociology of the Family*


SOC  206   Social Deviance*

*Course has Q sections(s)



The FYI program offers first year students a small class experience in one of their general education courses.  The faculty for these classes are trained in active learning / critical-thinking skills.  All courses within this program end with the suffix “Q”(attached to the section number). You will often hear these courses referred to as “the Q courses”. You can only experience these courses as a first year student!



UNIVERSITY HONORS                                                                      

If you were invited to join the University Honors Program and accepted this invitation, an Honors Seminar, has been added to your schedule.  Contact Mrs. Hawkins-Morton if you have any questions about special Honors requirements and/or courses.  If you were invited, we strongly encourage you to participate. 


UNIVERSITY SCHOLARS                                       

If you were invited and wish to join the University Scholars Program, HSS 110S the Scholars Forum, has been added to your schedule.  See an adviser if you have any questions about special scholars’ requirements and/or courses.  If you were invited, we strongly encourage you to participate.



If you have taken an AP exam and your scores were sent to NC State, you will be notified of the results by the NC State Office of Undergraduate Admissions during the summer (usually in July or early August).  Your scores may require changes in your fall class schedule.  You should contact your Academic Adviser immediately to discuss changes that may need to be made to your schedule.  All scores and credits are available to your Academic Adviser.


SUMMER READING – Making Connections… at NC State

Colleges and universities are discovering that students get more out of their college experience if they truly connect with their campus.  Summer readings can help jump-start those connections.  The summer reading for all entering students this year is Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen and David Relin.  Read the book and talk about it with your family and friends. You’ll be discussing it with your fellow students and instructor in your PMS 100 class.



Some high school students may have taken college courses before they entered NC State.  Tell your Academic Adviser if you have any transfer credits that might affect your course selection.  It is important to verify the course equivalencies that can be done on the website listed above.  In order for the course to be a part of your NC State academic record it is your responsibility to have the transcript sent to the following address:


Office of Undergraduate Admissions

NC State University

CB 7103,

Raleigh, NC 27695-7103.














Contact info: Mrs. Hawkins-Morton

(919) 513-2677



The Office of Advising provides academic advising for PAMS Undesignated students and first-year Chemistry students.

                                                                                                 Director of Advising
                                                                                                 Jacqueline Hawkins-Morton
Telephone: (919) 513-2677
                                                                                                 Fax: (919) 515-7855
                                                                                                 116 Cox Hall Box 8201


Welcome to the Class of 2013 and the NC State community!  We are dedicated to supporting your commitment to your new academic community.  As new members of this community you will be expected to:

 Make progress towards graduation by following the NC State’s Progress toward Degree Policy.  The policy requires that all students enroll full-time each semester (12 hours or more);

 Honor the Academic Integrity Policy of the University community;

 Achieve your full academic potential by engaging in the academic process (arriving on time for class, completing all assignments, and participating in class discussions and activities);

 Embrace diversity by respecting the varied opinions, backgrounds, and world views of the entire community;

Appreciate the privilege you have earned to be a member of an institution of higher learning


The information below will help you with self-registration. Please read the entire document before registering for classes.